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As the well-known brand MuslinZ makes their mark in the beauty industry after being established in the baby sector for many years, we’re sharing an exclusive interview. We find out what initiated this move and how the product range can benefit a salon.

Please introduce our readers to MuslinZ

MuslinZ is a sustainable brand based in Oxfordshire, UK that produces eco-friendly goods for the baby and beauty industry. Our products are manufactured ethically in ISO and Oeko Tex certified factories in Pakistan to the highest quality and are available at affordable prices. All our designs and prints are created in-house, providing our audience with products that are made with the consumer in mind.

Being an established brand in the baby industry, how is the brand now moving into the beauty sector?

Following years of working successfully within the baby industry, we were approached by beauty brands seeking eco-friendly products which corresponded with today’s core value of sustainability. From there we started to supply some of our existing products in the beauty sector. MuslinZ squares and washable wipes being the most popular items. These are made in various sizes, are easily laundered and made from 100% cotton, a bamboo/cotton mix or organic cotton. As MuslinZ are a versatile product, they can be used within various treatments and we have found them to be loved by customers in the baby and the beauty industry alike. After listening to our existing customer’s needs, we developed spa mitts, make-up pads, 30cms muslin squares and lastly, double layer muslin wash cloths.

How does the product range from MuslinZ appeal to our professional audience?

MuslinZ products are a great addition to any treatment as they provide a luxurious experience to your client. Using high quality fabrics that are manufactured using sustainable practices, allows beauty professionals and their clients to enjoy the experience. If a business is aiming to be more sustainable and eco-conscious, swapping to reusable products such as Washable Bamboo Cotton Terry Wipes is cost effective and will massively reduce your waste output.

Tell us about the sustainability aspect of the brand and the importance of using reusable beauty products.

Sustainability is at our core. In a world of disposable products, it seems hard to navigate the complexity of reusable options. Although, switching to reusables is easier than it may seem. Not only will you save costs in the long run, but you will also help the planet whilst doing so. In the UK alone, a total of 11 billion wet wipes and 1000 disposable cotton pads per user are thrown away every year. If sent to landfill, these items will take hundreds of years to slowly degrade. Switching to use reusable MuslinZ terry wipes and pads can reduce waste massively.

How can our readers get in touch to stock the range?

Stocking our range is straightforward. Just head to and click on the Beauty category where you can see our wide variety of products. You can purchase retail or if you wish to stock larger quantities of our products, register for a trade account where you can purchase with exclusive wholesale prices. Or contact us by email to discuss your requirements with us.


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