If your skin is feeling dry and dull, or you’re suffering from achy joints and generally missing your glow, reach for the Lisa Snowdon X Correxiko Glow Box from one of UK’s top collagen brands, to give your skin a much needed boost. After all, glowing skin comes from within…

Founded by a doctor with a 10 year experience of researching collagen, Correxiko specialises in effective, results-led products using clean effective ingredients. They have created collagen products that support the belief that external youthful beauty starts with nutrition (combined with exercise, sleep and self-belief, naturally), and not with a serum or cream alone. 

Loved by nutritionists, skin experts, doctors and celebrities, Correxiko quickly gained a cult following with Lisa amongst them. As a longstanding customer and ambassador, frequently sharing social media posts about her favourite Correxiko recipes, tips and positive experiences, it made perfect sense to team up with Lisa to unite all her beauty and wellbeing hero products in one unmissable box.

Lisa is a wellbeing champion and has been on a mission to help women learn more about holistic health and discover natural beauty solutions to look and feel great at every stage of life – especially so during the peri and menopause years. ‘By using this box for 30 days consistently, you will feel and look fantastic. For any menopausal symptoms, hair loss, dry hair take the Omega and Collagen and enjoy!’ says Lisa.

Containing all of Lisa’s favourite products for her glowing skin, the Lisa Snowdon X Correxiko Glow Box includes:

  • Marine Collagen Powder (6 weeks supply)
  • Marine Collagen Capsules
  • Ultra Omega 3
  • Collagen Smoothies Recipe Book
  • Super Scoop
  • Super Whisk
  • Welcome Pack and 2 of Lisa’s recipes

Science proves that taking care of ourselves and giving our bodies the correct nourishment, such as collagen, omega-3, and vitamin C, can help our skin glow brighter, our hair and nails strengthen, alleviate stiff, achy joints and help us repair and rejuvenate more effectively, so we are able to look and feel our best. However, in order to obtain the correct amount of nutrients needed to support collagen levels, a considerable amount of the right foods would need to be consumed daily. A quick and easy way to ensure you get all of these collagen supporting nutrients is simply by using the brand new Lisa Snowdon X Correxiko box – the ultimate beauty & wellness starter kit to get you glowing.

In just 30 days of using the Correxiko products in this box, you will experience more radiance and vitality from the inside out including improved skin hydration and plumpness, fine lines decreased, a reduction in joint discomfort, hair growth to name but a few benefits.