Tap into World Cup Fever with Ibd’s patriotic nail design

world cup_600

Get into the team spirit ahead of England’s weekend kick off with a patriotic nail design courtesy of Ibd educator, Jessica Mark (with a polite nod to our Brazilian hosts, too!)

Products: PowerBond, Basecoat, Topcoat;
Just Gel Polishes: Whipped Cream, Lucky Red, Sargasso Sea, Blue Haven, Solar Rays, Eden, Rocco, Green Monster;
Cleanser Plus and Lavender Cuticle Oil;
Tools: Cuticle Pusher, Emerald Jewel File, Diamond Buffer, Ibd Nail Wipes, gel art brush, dotting tool, Manicure brush, LED or UV Lamp

1. Prep the natural nails for Ibd Just Gel Polish application:

a. Use a cuticle pusher for dry cuticle prep and to remove non-living tissue from nail plate.
b. Shape the nails with a 180 grit Ibd Emerald file.
c. Gently buff the nails with an Ibd Diamond  buffer.
d. Remove dust using an Ibd Nail Wipe.
e. Apply one coat of Ibd PowerBond and allow to air dry (please note it will still look shiny).

2. Apply Ibd Basecoat to the nail, making sure that you cap the free edge to avoid product shrinkage. Cure in a lamp (30 seconds in LED/two minute in UV).

3. Apply Ibd Whipped Cream to all nails in thin layers capping the free edge and curing in between (30 seconds in LED/two minutes in UV), two-three coats should give you good coverage and you can start your World Cup inspired design.

4. Begin using Ibd Lucky Red and build your English flag design by drawing a wavy cross shape, and cure (30 seconds in LED/two minutes in UV). (*Remember do not apply to the ring fingers as these nails will have a Brazilian flag design).

5. Begin to create the Brazilian flag design. (*Jessica Mark, Ibd Educator made her own custom blend using Ibd Eden, Ibd Rocco and Ibd Green Monster.) Paint the custom blend green on the ring fingers and cure (30 seconds in LED/two minutes in UV).

6. Add a diamond shape using Ibd Rocco and highlight with Ibd Solar Rays and cure (30 seconds in LED/two minutes in UV).

7. Custom blend both Ibd Blue Haven and Ibd Sargasso Sea for the circle, apply and cure (30 seconds in LED/two minutes in UV).

8. Apply Ibd Just Gel Polish Topcoat and cure. Remove tacky inhibition layer using Ibd Cleanser Plus and finish nails off with Ibd Lavender Cuticle Oil rubbed into cuticles.