Have you ever considered having bothersome eye bags or eyelid areas dealt with but cannot face the thought of surgical procedures? Perhaps you have come across mention of non-surgical procedures for it before but have wondered whether it is really worth doing? How effective are eyelid correction and eye bag removal treatments at a clinic?

A new treatment, called Plasma BT is taking the industry by storm, as an effective alternative to invasive surgical procedures such as eyelid correction or eye bag removal, acne and acne scarring, removal of skin lesions such as warts and moles and reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the eyes or mouth areas (such as crow’s feet or smile lines). This innovative treatment approach has been used in the UK since 2014 in aesthetic medicine and since then has fast grown in terms of popularity, thanks to its straightforward treatment method, simple healing process and low cost when compared with surgical procedures.

During the treatment, a fine needle creates a plasma arc of electric current which works by warming the skin and creating increased collagen formation locally. The skin responds by contracting over time which restores the tightness and tautness to the upper and lower eye area.  Results from the treatment, often used for eye bag removal are for many, considered to be comparable to the ones that could be seen with invasive surgery.

Pure Aesthetics, a Nottingham-based clinic, has been using Plasma BT for clients with prices starting as low as £100. Owner Helen Allen, a registered nurse, said: “We have treated clients with prominent eye bags or eyelids which have become ‘droopier’ with age, as well as those who have used Plasma BT to address lines and wrinkles around the eye and mouth areas and seen some wonderful improvements.

“Clients like the fact that they can arrange the treatment for their needs at a comfortable clinic, at a time that suits them and receive such an effective treatment, targeted directly at the areas of most concern. After the treatment, we make sure all our clients are very comfortable with the after-care process and as soon as a couple of weeks later they can notice a huge improvement in the prominence of their eyebags, or wrinkles.”