The Essential Five

Some of you as professionals may now be able to colour hair with your eyes closed. But as hair colour continues to grow in popularity and many new styles/trends become available; it is important take on board Artistic Director for Advanced Pro Salon & ColourCode, Andrew Trott-Barn’s 5 things to remember when colouring hair.

Consultation, Consultation, Consultation

Even if your client has been with you for 10 years, offering the same as last time it’s just not good enough. Ask them. What would they like this time?! Giving the client the option makes them feel included but also that you are happy to entertain a change if suitable. We need to raise the standard and maintain a high professional level throughout every single touch point. Skin tests can’t be taken for granted. Even if it’s not root application such as balayage, it’s not worth the risk, any colour service being given to a client needs to protect by a skin test. You are your own brand so protect it. Believe it or not, there are still salons out there that don’t skin test. 

Analysing your client

Yes, you may have a busy column, but you want that client walking out the salon representing you. Loving their hair and telling everyone about it and who did it. Make it work, go back to the core learning conditions, face shape, skin colouring, maintenance. Don’t be afraid to be honest with your clients. Post consultation… confirm what you are doing with your client. Never be afraid to double check as this saves any issues in the long run.

Manage expectation… ‘I’m gonna say no’

The power of ‘No’. We’ve all had those clients who at some point want to go from a 2 to 10 – manage their expectations and tell them their achievable journey.  Educate your client about achievable results, you can still get them where they desire to be but in two or three sessions, not one. Know your colours! Never guess. Your personal education is key. Trust your knowledge, Utilise the colour chart but be real about expectations. If you say no, don’t be afraid to say why. There’s always another option and journey for every client.

Maintenance and Homecare

Be honest with what you recommend. This also covers maintenance and also helps the client trust you. Don’t offer things that are irrelevant to your client. Less is more. Build that trust so they understand your interest is the best for their hair. Most important thing is client retention, not a one hit wonder. This is why I personally use a range which is all about healthy hair; products your hair would choose. Having an amazing shade is not enough, your client’s hair has to look and feel amazing too.

Value yourself 

Charge for your time and expertise, no hidden add ons. Just be honest. Nice hair colour isn’t cheap and cheap hair colour isn’t nice. But don’t undersell yourself either.