The future of beauty

As aesthetic treatments continue to grow in popularity, the experts reveal why they would be an asset to your treatment list as well as how to market them in the most beneficial way.

Like it or loathe it, botox, booty lifts, fillers and other nonsurgical aesthetic treatments are becoming the new beauty norm. Although this may be great news for clients as some are fed up of looking in the mirror at their ever-growing cellulite, it is also music to a salon owner’s ears to hear that introducing aesthetic treatments to their business can significantly increase their revenue.

As a business owner it is important to keep up with the changes and new innovations within the industry, however marketing new treatments can sometimes be a difficult task – especially as the competition grows within this sector. 

We asked Phil Evans, MD of Salon Guru the online marketing professionals for salons, how their approach differs for their many Aesthetic salon clients.

“When we create webpages for Aesthetic services, we use a more professional and clinical style than the visual emphasis for Hair and Beauty salons. For Aesthetic treatments it is all about building trust and establishing expertise.

“We also need to understand and explain, in layman’s terms, a wide range of more complex Aesthetic services like Anti-ageing Treatments, Micro-needling, Lip Plumping, Fillers and Non-surgical Facelifts.

“Search Engine placement is also more important for Aesthetic salons as web visitors are likely to be searching and traveling for services from a much wider catchment area.”

We are aware that aesthetic treatments can tremendously boost your revenue, but as The Salon Guru told us, you need to ensure you’re advertising and marketing them in the most beneficial way possible.

It goes without saying, yourself and your colleagues need to be trained to a high enough standard to feel confident enough to carry out an aesthetical procedure on a client and produce excellent results. There are plenty of training and educational services out there – investing in one of these to find out how to carry out the latest fat freezing treatment or lip fillers could really benefit your revenue in the long run.

Before and after pictures work wonders – plaster your social media in these! That way potential clients can see exactly what to expect. They might event get up one of your photos on their phone to show you exactly what they hope to achieve.

Rob Knowles, a Biomedical Engineer and certified LPA (Laser Protection Advisor) at Skyncare, explained that as a supplier of advanced Laser, IPL an HIFU technology, he has seen an exponential increase in the number of businesses now making the smart move into the aesthetics market: “The affordability of market-leading equipment has made offering these treatments more accessible to businesses, while the amazing results that can be achieved has stimulated public demand. People are now coming around to the idea that a course of quick, painless and affordable treatments means they will never have to shave an area ever again.”

Rob told us that adding a treatment like laser hair removal to your in-salon treatment list can not only significantly increase revenue from existing clients, but also attract new clients to your business: “Even doing just 2 sets of legs hair removal per week can increase revenue by over £1,200 per month.” Now that is a figure you can’t say no to, surely?!

Rob explained how these hugely popular treatments now also play a vital role in client retention: “If businesses don’t offer these treatments, existing clients may look elsewhere and could be lost to a competitor, which of course nobody wants to hear!”

With the aesthetic market growth set to continue, businesses that don’t progress into this advanced treatment industry may be left behind while others thrive. If you haven’t thought about branching out to the aesthetic industry already, these experts may change your mind. Please do let us know how you get on with your new business ventures by emailing – we want to hear your success stories!