The gift of gorgeousness!

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Hair direction/dressing: Andrew Barton, Racoon International Creative Director
Hair extension work: The Racoon Artistic Team Photography: Jack Eames

Mornings are misty, daytimes are murky, evenings are chilly – which means Christmas is calling! The season to think glamour, glamour all the way – party looks and up-dos, long tumbling tresses and lavish styles full of femininity.

As a salon professional, what better present could you offer clients other than the gift of gorgeousness, courtesy of Racoon International’s sumptuous extensions? Massively popular at this time of year, clients love the style versatility they provide.

Clever, creative extension placement means endless possibilities for your clients to have their Christmas wish come true: an amazing head of eye-catching hair, thanks to you and Racoon. Sometimes all it takes to achieve festive fabulousness is a lunchtime makeover with Racoon Luxe Wefts – easy to apply, easy to style. Or for a more permanent commitment to gorgeousness – Luxe Bonds and Luxe Links offer the ultimate for style sensation.

Applying Racoon’s luxurious, natural, root-to-point correct human hair using the company’s bond and link systems (scientifically proven to not damage hair) means creating the most stunning results imaginable. Extra volume, luscious lengths or a sexy flash of colour – all achievable for Christmas and New Year party looks.

At this festive time, as well as choosing gifts for others, Christmas sees many a client thinking about gifting themselves with a fab new look. Capitalising on their need is important, so we asked celebrity hairdresser and Racoon Creative Director, Andrew Barton, to share some of his hair extension wisdom.

“Asking clients the right questions to understand what their dream hair looks like often leads me to explaining how hair extensions can deliver just that,” said Andrew. “Listen out for clues the client gives, such as wanting their hair to grow quicker, wishing it was longer, the frustration they feel at it being so fine and lank. You have the solution with Racoon hair extensions, so don’t be afraid to suggest such. As salon professionals, clients need and expect our expert advice.”

It’s a mistake to assume clients don’t want to pay or can’t afford the service.

“When chatting to clients about extensions, I always first mention the cost of the investment, so if excited by the idea, clients understand the commitment involved,” explained Andrew. “Hair extensions are a creative service which can answer clients’ needs. Remember, great hair is an awesome asset, just like a killer pair of heels or fabulous dress – except hair is the outfit a client never takes off. Your client will decide how much she’s prepared to spend so never assume how much is in her purse or judge what she can afford to pay. Give her the choice: it would be rude not to!”

A cut or colour can transform how someone looks – but adding extra length or volume with hair extensions delivers the ultimate transformation.

“For me, extensions are not just about adding length but also about adding much-desired thickness and fullness,” Andrew said. “For example, many clients benefit from discreet extension application for extra thickness around the sides of the head where hair tends to be thinner.”

And finally, to make sure the look works every day, it’s vital you walk the client through a home care maintenance regime.

“Take a few minutes to write everything down so the client has all the information to take away,” advised Andrew. “What’s obvious to us can be confusing to the client, and lots of info is easily forgotten, so write down the advice – and always offer to advance book her next appointment.”

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