• The LYMA LIFT has been coined the ‘world’s most in-demand facial’
  • LYMA LIFT engineered to lift the face incorporating breakthrough cold laser technology with the world’s most advanced epigenetic skincare and 100% pure active stabilised oxygen
  • LYMA’s Concierge has been inundated with requests to book the treatment which launches later this year in London and New York. Waitlist started for the treatment already has over 1,000 customers signed up

What started as a top secret pop-up in an undisclosed London location, has officially just blown up. A handful of LFW FROW were invited to be the first to try it but thanks to some frenzied social media sharing, word got out and is spreading like wildfire.

“The phone’s been ringing constantly with celebrity agents and PA’s asking to book their high profile clients in for the LYMA LIFT. We had one Hollywood actress saying she’d come in the middle of the night! Honestly, it’s been like a circus but it was supposed to be top secret, I have no idea how they found out,” Lucy Goff, LYMA founder.


The LYMA LIFT finally fills the void between surgical lifting techniques and low-fi face yoga. Face yoga is huge right now with everyone downloading face yoga apps to work out their facial muscles in their bathroom mirrors. Initial results can be impressive but miss a day and it sets you back, the results simply don’t last. The LYMA LIFT however, is the brainchild of a facial palsy plastic surgeon with a deep understanding of the facial structure, connective tissue and muscle alignment. The result of this unique anatomical knowledge is a re-education of facial muscle memory for a natural facial lift with long-lasting results – something never before achieved without a scalpel.

“The LYMA LIFT is designed to be the ultimate facial, combining state of the art skincare with manual conditioning of the muscles of facial expression and all subject to the incredible regenerative potential of the LYMA Laser. This protocol is designed to promote a naturally taught, tension-free face brimming with youthful vigour,” says Dr Graeme E. Glass MD PhD, Plastic Surgeon, Associate Professor of Surgery, Associate Professor of Clinical Surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College who is responsible for developing this world-first facial protocol.


A highly acclaimed facial palsy surgeon, Dr Graeme Glass uses his experience of reversing facial paralysis over the decades to create a powerful, precision treatment that reinvigorates face muscles and crucially, remobilises the fascia. “Electrical muscle stimulation is designed to cause the muscles to contract. The problem is, by using electrical impulses to induce cycles of muscle contraction and relaxation, the muscles are being trained to relax and contract in a way that doesn’t replicate how they should behave when achieving natural facial expressivity. I know that electrical muscle stimulation is absolutely the worst thing to apply to rehabilitate the face following a facial nerve injury because it simply isn’t a natural way for the muscles of facial expression to behave. It can even cause disordered facial movement which can be debilitating and difficult to reverse.”


Far surpassing the temporarily dramatic results of radiofrequency or microcurrent, the LYMA LIFT doesn’t incorporate electrical muscle stimulation, instead it uses highly specialised hand massage techniques to reawaken facial muscle memory and work at the deepest levels of the skin to encourage cell renewal, boost collagen production, increase blood flow and optimise lymphatic drainage. Moreover, the mitochondrial charging properties of the LYMA Laser, delivering more energy to the nuclei of cells, exponentially improves the massage results and delivery of regenerative nutrients to the skin. With the mass move away from surgical procedures, invasive skin treatments and the mounting Botox backlash, this cold laser technology carrying guaranteed results has struck a series chord.

LYMA Goff, LYMA Founder comments, “The LYMA Laser is already used in treatment by some of the world’s most renowned A-List facialists to treat the world’s most iconic faces – Amber Valletta, Ana de Armas, Gywneth Paltrow and Eve Longoria, to name a few – and now, in partnership with a industry facialist stalwart and a plastic surgeon, we’ve launched our own signature facial, supercharged by LYMA’s groundbreaking Skincare and Laser device.”

Iconic sculptor of skin, Yvonne Martin was the hands behind the LFW effect but the LYMA LIFT is about to move to New York next month to yet another top secret location, although sources say it will be at a 5th Avenue dermatology clinic. Watch this space.

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