The secret to success

It’s a well-known fact within the beauty industry that well-trained waxing therapists mean higher revenue streams and greater client retention… Multi-award winning beauty supply company, Beauty Triangle echo this below.

As business owners many of us realise that training our staff is important, however, we often fall short in this area. Post-graduate waxing is something that gets left to the wayside and sadly waxing taught at NVQ level sees therapists barely able to do a basic bikini wax, let alone a Brazilian and very few college students are taught to use Hot Wax at all. Beauty Triangle International set out to change that, offering Lycon Introduction and Advanced intimate waxing courses to empower therapists, seriously upskill them and share the Lycon secret to success.

We all know there are many waxes on the market, but do they offer an advanced system that provides superior results for clients?  If you opt for a basic waxing system, you will never capitalise on the potential money to be earned. Off-the-shelf systems do a mediocre or bad job. They will remove hair, often remove skin too, there will be in-grown and broken hairs, potentially bruises and blood spots. You need a waxing system that offers tailored waxes to clients which will suit their hair and skin type. Lycon ensures a waxing system that offers your clients a superior treatment with Hot and Strip wax for all types of hair and removes hair as short as 1mm – salons lose time and money if clients are turned away because hair is too short.

But (and this is the big BUT) – You can have amazing products, BUT in the hands of unskilled, nervous therapists, it spells disaster. A well-trained waxing therapist using Lycon products will generate much greater revenue and earn your salon a good reputation. Waxing can produce the highest percentage of profit and repeat business every four weeks resulting in excellent client retention.  We ensure that your therapists understand how to use the full waxing system, and become confident with this. It’s important they learn how to apply the correct amount of pre-cleanser/oils, hold the spatula correctly, apply the correct amount of pressure and wax, and use the correct techniques. With intimate waxing, it’s not only about waxing skills, but guaranteeing the client’s comfort and experience. We discuss types of position the client needs to get into without losing dignity. Also, how to multi-task by applying multiple patches, a client does not want to be in a treatment room for hours – time is money. Everyone wants the highest margins, and when waxing, there can be an awful lot of waste e.g. paper strips, pre and post products, disposable products-we train therapists how to work more economically, helping your profit margins grow.   Our clients see their client base growing – and not through expensive marketing – but through word of mouth and repeat business.

If you are going to make one good decision this year look at who needs training, invest in your therapist, you will recoup the training cost in their first few waxes performed. Waxing is a beauty necessity for millions and these clients are wanting to go to the best… we are here to help you achieve this with our elite training and premium products.