The Ultimate Tanning Experience

Famous Dave’s award-winning self tan range offers you the ultimate tanning experience – an easy to apply, longer-lasting, non-streaky, non-sticky self tan that also cares for your skin with luxurious natural ingredients, and most importantly gives you the most natural-looking fake tan to ever come out of a bottle.

Famous Dave’s self tan range gives you a totally natural-looking tan without the ageing effects caused by the sun or UV tanning beds. While developing into a natural-looking sunkissed glow, Famous Dave’s self tan products bathe the skin in the rich natural emollients of Jojoba, Aloe Vera, Sesame, Vitamin E, natural extracts and antioxidants, which soften and add healthy moisture to the skin. Famous Dave’s Self Tanners work with your skin tones to give you a naturally tanned appearance, dry to the touch almost instantly as they are applied to the skin, and do not rub off onto your clothing or bedsheets.

Famous Dave’s self tan range is quick and easy to apply with zero streaks and can be used all year round to give you that totally-natural sunkissed glow that lasts longer, looks more authentic, and fades more evenly than any other fake tan! Visit or call 02380 011637 for more details on becoming a stockist.