Top Hairspray Brands to Stock in Your Salon 2019

When selecting hair care products to use or even to sell in your salon, businesses have a couple of things to weigh up. On the one hand, many customers appreciate and look for professional advice from their hairdresser about the best options available, and will gladly take a recommendation for something new to try.

On the other hand, many people are very loyal to certain brands when it comes to their hair. They take comfort in the fact that their hairdresser uses a brand they are familiar with, perhaps even a product they use themselves at home. Hair care is a very personal thing, and when you find a product that works for your hair type, there is a natural desire to stick with it.

Hairspray is a category this applies to more than most. Because of the impact it has on the condition of hair, and depending on the effect an individual is looking for, many people can be quite particular about the brands they use. So, although there is always room for salons to stock boutique “pro” products for those customers looking for a premium recommendation, it also makes sense to have a few household names favourites up your sleeve.

Here are three brands that score highly on recognition and which can also be relied upon to do a professional job.

Wella Shockwaves

One of the most popular hold and shaping brands out there, Wella Shockwaves is equally well trusted in salons and in the home. With a range which also includes gels, mousses and moulding clays, Shockwaves hairspray is renowned for providing extreme hold over extended periods of time. Shockwaves Volume has a lightweight formula which locks in lift and finishes it off with a pleasing sheen. The Extra Strong Hold version will hold a style for up to 24 hours, with UV protection and easy brush-out formulation.

Loreal Paris Elnett Satin

Loreal Paris’s Elnett Satin range is one of the most well-established hairspray brands out there, with the iconic gold canisters being the go-to option for generations of consumers. Elnett Satin sprays are renowned for the combination of supreme hold and exquisite finishes they offer, with special formulations for adding waves, shine and volume. The Sleek & Chic variety is enriched with a neutralising fixing agent for anti-static protection, protecting hair from humidity, frizz and flyaways. Very Volume is enriched with Pro Keratin and utilises a unique ultra fine micro-diffuser spray that ensures all signs of the product disappear at the stroke of a brush. 

V05 Dry Texturising Spray

V05 has effectively made the transition from shampoo brand to offering a wide range of innovative and high-quality hair care products. Its Dry Texturising hairspray is specially formulated for use on dry hair, and is therefore intended for quick styling and ‘reviving’, for example transforming ‘day hair’ into something pleasing for a night out. Its impact is to add layers and waves, perfect for messy and ‘undone’ styling, with plenty of grip for long-lasting effects.

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