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The experts have handpicked the very best summer nail trends for you to try out on your clients. Look no further for the all the inspiration you need.

As the sun starts to shine and we reach for our sandals which have been tucked away at the back of the wardrobe, it’s goodbye to the winter boots, and hello to a brand new mani-pedi for the new season. Find out how to get an on-trend ‘imperfect manicure’, these are the shades and styles recommended by the experts to see your clients through the better weather.

Jenni Draper, OPI’s Nail Colour Expert and Brand Ambassador told us to expect brights and neons as we continue to enjoy the summer weather: “The neon clothing trend is big this summer so lots of clients are experimenting with neons on their nails.”

Jenni explained how we saw a lot of blues on the catwalk last season, which ranged from navy to teal or slightly brighter, so it is likely that we will see them sticking around. Jenni added: “Blue can be a hard colour to wear so a dark tone can look more sophisticated and elegant.”

We agree, when wearing blue, it is difficult to match outfits unless they are reasonably plain because of clashing, and let’s be honest – no one’s summer wardrobe should be plain!

Jenni sees that summer is a time where ‘anything goes’, so rather than playing it ‘safe’ you can really have fun with colours: “Traditionally, people would go for the bright pinks and corals but with so many choices now available it’s a good time to go all out and glitter is always a good choice, it goes with everything!”

We asked Jenni about her thoughts on natural nails, are they around for the long haul or are clients still after lengthy acrylics and long-lasting shellac.

Jenni told us that it depends on you and your salon: “In my salon we do lots of natural nail overlays as we don’t do acrylic nail extensions. People will tend to follow what you have on your nails or what you advise. I tend to go for natural nails but with a different colour every time.”

Jenni’s ultimate summer nail shade is a blue or mint green as she loves both: “Maybe with a bit of glitter or a subtle gem here and there.  Dreams need clarification or Closer than you might Belem are my favourite gel colours from OPI.”

Liv Oldfield, owner of ‘Nails by Liv’ Studio based in York and a Brand Ambassador for Navy Pro Tools explained the colours her clients are requesting a lot of the moment throughout the summer months are anything within the Pink and Coral spectrum. “Clients always love these kinds of colours for a sunny summer holiday and they do look great with a tan no matter what shade you choose! Clients always tend to go for a shade or two brighter than they would usually go for, as they feel a bit braver when having a holiday mani and want to show off the colour in the sun!”

Of course, we can all agree a fresh set is a must have throughout the summer season, it’s enough to make a client go from feeling like a 6 to s strong 9.

Liv has seen a big change in the styles this summer as clients are either going for something completely out of their usual comfort zone or being super creative and are coming up with something they’ve imagined themselves.

Last Summer, Liv did a lot of tye dye, stars and foil nail art, which she explained are still mega popular. “But I think clients, just like us techs, want to constantly be on trend and so will use a range of social media platforms to keep an eye on what is popular for this season.”

“One of my personal absolute faves this year is the ‘Jelly’ nails trend – tropical glass colours created on long nails so you can just see through them. I just think it’s a staple trend that will last a while, it’s the perfect 90’s look for festivals during Summer.”

Liv predicts animal prints will be a “big hit this summer”. We’ve already seen cow print and tortoise shell trends, but this season could see zebra print making an appearance.

“We should be keeping our eyes peeled this Summer into Autumn for a tech’s take on fashion and animal prints.”

“Also look out for some more developments on the variations of a classic abstract art mani, and more original creations made with products such as glass colours and Blooming Gel.”

Well, we’ve already established that this year’s summer nail trends certainly aren’t boring so we’ve decided to keep them coming! 

Helena Linsky is the Co-Director at Q61, a nail and beauty studio business has the same view as our other experts Liv and Jenni as she also sees that summer tends to be the time when our clients are more experimental and bolder in their colour requests.

“Winter tends to be a season for more subtle shades of nude and chic, deep berry hues. What’s great about these colours is that they can be just as elegant as the more natural colours and classic shades: for example, cornflower blue is a really understated and stylish summer alternative to a classic red, and a bright white is a great summery alternative to a nude nail.”

Personally, we think the brighter the better this summer. We want the shade which is going to compliment our tan the most. Helena agrees that neon nails are always popular in the summer and simply because they look perfect against a tan.

“Each year we see a different neon shade steal the show. Last summer, neon orange was the favourite, whereas this summer seems to be the season of neon lime. The same applies to nail art, which our nail technicians find is more popular during the summer months than in winter. This summer tie-dye is the hottest way to illustrate nails. Fruit designs are also popular this year – particularly any references to watermelon.”

Bright white is a great summer shade – however it becomes easily stained, so wearing it for just a few days before having the colour removed, is the best way to wear white. Helena explained: “If a client is jetting off for a week or two, our nail therapists usually advise them to steer clear of white gel, which has a tendency to become yellow-tinged after prolonged contact with sun creams etc. Off-white colours are a great alternative to bright vivid white– think white with a very subtle hint of lilac, blue or yellow.”

Samantha Cox, owner of The Daily Nail (@dailynailspa), nail artist, session tech and national nail art trainer for Gerrard International told us that her clients are high on sunshine at the minute, and when they’re in a good mood, she knows they’re going to go a bit wild with their nails. 

Samantha explained that she is seeing a comeback of neon this year – “It’s been a while for clients to trust neons, they definitely weren’t so keen last year, but with nail art being so huge at the minute, they’re becoming more adventurous.”

Samantha is finding that glitter isn’t as popular at the moment amongst her clients. This could be because quite often glitter is associated with a more festive nail; but this doesn’t mean your clients can’t spice up their coral holiday nails with a hint of glitter. 

Sam told us that her perfect summer nail in a nutshell would be to combine the white/ombré trend at the moment with a set of pink and white baby boomers, alternatively a statement bright neon. 

Mica Pinczuk, Business Manager for Dipt Nail agrees that spring and summer always sees the rise in pastels and brights. “Coral has definitely been a favourite colour, especially in bolder and neon hues.”

Regardless of the seasons and seeing trends come and go, there some shades/designs which will always be around. Mica said: “Ballerina and stiletto shapes are still popular and ombré and nail art aren’t going anywhere either, they are always a popular choice.”

Mica made a bold statement as she claimed: “Nail trends are now seasonless as we holiday, have celebrations and events all year round.” We’re not sure this is strictly true, but she backed it up by saying: “Whether tailoring your nails to fit an outfit or wearing more than one shade at a time. The more Instagrammable the better!” She’s right – we love a classic nail Insta pic!

Mica’s ultimate summer look at the moment is Dipt’s ‘Endurance’ which is a super bright coral that looks great with a tan, personally we think you can’t go wrong with coral this summer!

Get your clients hands in the air showing off their gorgeous fresh sets. We have supplied plenty of colour inspo for you, whether coral is your thing or you prefer a soft lilac to compliment that summer glow – don’t forget to tag us in your client nail pics on Instagram @thesalonmaguk.