Transported to tranquillity

Well, it’s been a while since our Editor Jade has had the pleasure of writing her ‘Editor’s Day Out’ feature. Unfortunately, due to COVID, these luxurious appointments and events have had to go on hold. After much anticipation, Jade was lucky enough to receive an invite to Chapette’s Hair and Beauty for an Elemis facial and massage.

Prior to my appointment at Chapettes, Canterbury, I didn’t know what to expect. I was excited due to it being my first beauty treatment since lockdown, but also apprehensive as it meant my first salon experience since the introduction of the new government guidelines surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic.

I was already at ease from the moment I entered the building, welcomed by the staff just as I was on their launch night, I was taken through to the waiting area. This has to be one of my favourite features within the salon space. The waiting room has been transformed from what used to be the sauna area, and I had an instant feeling of security. My therapist, Becky, introduced herself and asked me to fill out the form which included all COVID guidelines. My experience started when Becky asked me about my skin type and what it was I hoped to gain from my treatment as I enjoyed a glass of water. I knew that I just wanted to leave feeling relaxed and revitalised. We went over my concern areas and Becky explained she would focus on these, in particular, throughout the massage.

Calm, candle-lit and warm was the treatment room as I entered. An aspect of the appointment which still fascinates me is how the interior within the salon is so lavish, loud, and statemented, yet within seconds of my back and neck massage beginning, I was transported to a complete place of serene.

Becky used an essence throughout the treatments called ‘Embrace’. It helps to ground you and take you to a place of tranquillity – and that it certainly did. As the client, something I was particularly fond of was that I felt educated about everything Becky was doing or using, which I think was a contributing factor to the optimal relaxation.

Becky started with the back and neck massage which almost sent me to sleep… In a good way! In a time of uncertainty following recent events, this was exactly what I needed. My points of concern were the main focus throughout which I liked. After a thirty minute intense massage, I turned over for Becky to begin the Elemis facial. May I just say… I have never had a facial so thorough. I couldn’t keep up with all of the different steps/processes to the treatment.

I left the salon feeling like a new-born, my skin was gleaming as if it had a new lease of life. My experience at Chapette’s was nothing less than faultless, from the friendly team, the relaxing waiting area, the perfect ambience of the treatment room to the massage and Elemis facial themselves, I will certainly be back for more.