3 Ways to Grow Your Beauty Business with Electrolysis

Epilation has been around in the beauty industry for over 100 years and is still the only true method of permanent hair removal. In the last few years other methods for removing or reducing hair growth have become more popular as they are less time consuming and less uncomfortable for some people. However, electrolysis is making a comeback.

Lasers and IPL work well on dark hairs but more specialist lasers are required to treat light hairs and even then, results can be a hit or a miss. This is also true for darker skin tones. Electrolysis treats all hair colouring on all skin types. If you have a client with both white and dark facial hair for example having the tools to treat all their hairs allows you to offer a complete hair removal service to that client. Electrolysis is especially popular for transgender customers and women with PCOS.

As well as hair removal electrolysis also treats skin blemishes and vascular lesions. We will all have seen clients with thread veins, spider naevi and blood spots. Thread veins or any vascular blemishes on the face and other visible areas can cause distress to clients but with electrolysis they can be gone in seconds.  It is also increasingly difficult to get skin tags that may be rubbing or catching on clothes treated by doctors but again a fully trained electrologists can remove them quickly and effectively in just one session.

Here’s 3 Ways You Could Grow Your Beauty Business with Electrolysis.

  1. Multiply your treatment menu with an electrolysis face and body system. Having a beauty machine that can treat more than the face can attract a wider audience. Electrolysis machines are amongst the most cost-effective pieces of equipment to invest in, and the initial costs can be recouped quickly with only a few clients so if you are a salon owner looking to increase the services you can offer to your clients or develop a niche in your business take another look at this safe, proven, and effective treatment.
  1. If you are already trained in Basic Electrolysis (hair removal) you could grow your clientele by training in Blemish Removal (advanced). Blemish Removal means you can treat broken capillaries, milia, warts, skin tags, moles, thread veins along with hair removal. A one or two day course, depending on your qualifications, in Blemish removal could be a great investment to increase your profits and client base.
  1. Purchase a Silhouette Dermalift Electrolysis machine.

Manufactured by Silhouette for over 25 years the Epil 100: Diathermy and Epil 200: Blend & Diathermy beauty machines both deliver smoother diathermy current than its competitors. As well as machines, Silhouette offers Electrolysis training in both Basic and Blemish Removal.  If you are medically trained, you will just need a one-day Blemish Removal course to obtain insurance for this. With low over heads the Epill 100 and 200 face, and body treatment systems are a great cost-effective choice for your beauty business.

To find out more about Epil 100 or Epil 200 machines please visit www.silhouettebeauty.co.uk. Or call 0161 980 1080 for details on Electrolysis training.