A revolution in beauty

After catching up with Tatti Lashes co-founders and CEO’s, Charlotte Tiplady and Elliot Barton, we reveal the story of the brand and how the range could add a new dimension to your business.

Tatti Lashes was founded in 2017 by Charlotte Tiplady and Elliot Barton – two lash technicians from Liverpool who owned their own salons. Charlotte, who had a thriving clientele for classic lashes, wanted to offer Russian lashes to clients as they were so new to market, but she found the treatment time wasn’t as profitable and it meant she couldn’t cater to her existing clients as there simply wasn’t enough hours in the day. Alongside her best friend, Elliot, also a lash technician, they started with the idea of pre-fanned lash extensions – they wanted to create a service and product that still catered to their existing clientele but took less time without compromising on the finished look. Not only was their concept more profitable, they were able to identity a gap in the market.

In addition, they launched a collection of 4 x strip lash styles, predominantly for makeup artists – who have remained at the forefront of their strategy to this day. Charlotte and Elliot were adamant about creating re-usable strip lashes that offered the highest quality, without compromise on price. They endured months of testing and working with different manufacturers until they were able to achieve their desired product to launch with. From initial launch in 2017, Tatti Lashes growth is up by +2003% earning them their #1 lash brand in Europe status and are retailed in 93 counties across the globe.

Not only do Tatti Lashes retail a thriving portfolio of strip and individual lashes which are loved by makeup artists and celebrities, almost 50% of the business is made up by a professional lash extension offering for lash technicians.

In addition, they have 4 x training academies in Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow & Leeds, as well as online training courses for professionals and have recently launched ‘Oh So Pro’ – a range of professional lash/brow tints and accessories. They continue to pave the way in lash education to ensure they dominate the lash category.

Tatti Lashes function as a beauty brand rather than just a lash brand. They work with an impressive roster of professionals, educators, makeup artists and celebrities around the world and have graced the eyes of beauty icons such as Kim Kardashian, Nikki Minaj & Ariana Grande to name a few. They are constantly evolving and bringing new technology to the lash category to ensure they lead trends rather than follow them. For example they recently launched a biodegradable lash with Abby Roberts last year that was fully environmentally sustainable and this fall will see the first accessible lash applicator in collaboration with Tess Daly, designed for consumers with physical restrictions.

The Pre fanned Russians – 3D-6D are still the most popular collection for lash technicians and salons – this is the product that the founders originally launched with and was their initial point of difference to competitors – they cut salon time, saving money and time for the lash tech. In addition, Tatti Lashes launched a brand-new collection earlier this year in the form of ‘Oh so Pro’ – a range of brow and lash tints and accessories for salon professionals.

Our approach is always to be available to salon owners and professionals – our trade products can be retailed via our site, www.tattilashes.com and we offer special discounts, bundles and new starter packs. We have a dedicated sales team that can help with brand assets, campaign visuals, new launches and retail units to be showcased in salons.

We also offer makeup artists 60% discount which is also offered to salon professionals. We were the first ever lash brand to offer makeup artists 60% discount without having to prove any certification – they just have to purchase 20+lashes and the discount is automatically discounted.

The the full range be purchased via www.tattilashes.com, which ships to 93 countries.