A salon staple

Procare – the leader of premium hair foils and dispensing systems has welcomed the new year with transformation in mind. Whilst maintaining the high-quality consistency that they’re renowned for they are adding splashes of colour to their much loved brand. 

  • Why has Procare UK rebranded?

Since we launched in 2001, Procare has grown to be the leading manufacturer of hair foils, dispensing systems and alternative colour placement products in the UK and EU and the number 1 selling hair foil brand in the UK. We have come a long way, but our branding has remained the same. Our heritage is “the grey box”. We have an excellent reputation, but it is time to modernise the brand and reflect what we indeed are, a brand supporting colour technicians – It’s about time we injected some colours into our image

  • What will change with your rebrand?

We have rebranded the entire portfolio; each range comes with a different colour explosion and can be identified by range and by colour. Our brand name is prominent; the hairdresser can see who we are, the category and product names are detailed too.

We have more consistency across our branding and our marketing materials. The message “Freedom to create” remains the same. Overall it is more impactful, colourful and informative, and we cannot wait to see the industry’s reaction.

  • What does your rebrand mean for your clients?

For our clients, this means they can easily pick up their foil and dispensers; previously, most of the range was all packaged the same. Now they can identify their favourite Procare products by their range of colours.

  • How does Procare UK work in line with salons to boost their revenue and reputation? 

We continue to bring innovations to the market that cater to the stylist’s needs to save time, and energy, reducing waste and boosting their revenue.

The 24/7 hair foil dispenser is a must-have tool in any salon. Designed to cut and fold up to twenty hair foil sheets a minute, this cost-effective dispenser is fully customisable to your needs. Choose the length of foil you want and select the size of your fold.

The benefits of Procare in your salon

Based on 35 COLOURS Per week


1,400 hair foils per week

(72,800 hair foils per year)


4 hours, 40 minutes per week

(10 days, 2 hours, 39 minutes per year)


£1.12 per week

£58.24 per year

Boosting your revenue by:

£30.10 per week

£1565.20 per year