Beautifully bronzed

In an exclusive interview with Victoria Easlea, owner of Slay Cosmetic, we explore the brand, the benefits of their new tanning mousse and why it’s a must-have product for salons. 

   Introduce the brand and the inspiration behind it.

My clients would always say after a treatment with me they felt like they could Slay the world. They’d ask my advice on products and I felt there would always be something missing so I wanted to create products for women to have this same feeling but in their own homes. Slay is a brand built to uplift and empower women around the world, regardless of background or situation, I believe every woman should feel powerful and refuse to blend in to the crowd. This ethos influenced our branding, we don’t want to just sit pretty, we want to make a statement!

  How does Slay Tan stand out from competitors?

I spent a long time developing this tan, as an avid fake tanner myself I was able to understand the pros and cons of competitors tan. Our tanning mousse has a revolutionary formula that contains violet undertones for a deeper, darker tan. Our non-transfer technology means our tan will not leave you with stained bedsheets! We’ve also worked to alleviate the tell-tale smell of fake tan from our formula. 

   How can a tanning line fit in with a professional salon service?

Who doesn’t love a good tan! A good quality tanning line that you can retail in your salon is an easy add on to any service, we also offer the professional spray tan version of Slay Tan which is the exact same formulation and colour as our Mousse version, so it’s a great up sale to any spray tan for clients to extend the life of their tan at home.

    What’s the best way to retail tanning products in a salon?

Having strong visuals and a belief in the brand you’re selling is vital. Tan is also an easy repeat product, all of my clients are now using our tan and after each treatment we simply ask, ‘do you need another bottle of tan ready for the weekend?’ Always listen to your clients during their appointments, ask about holidays and events this is an opportunity to recommend a product to them for that specific event.

    What can we expect to see from the brand in the future?

We have so many exciting advancements lined up for 2023, such as working alongside big brands on photoshoots and expanding our product line to include bronzing and highlighting drops, tanning accessories and to begin to delve more into the make-up world!