A skin treatment for the whole family

Italian skincare experts RVB Cosmetics know a thing or two about skincare.

The scientists at RVB have cleverly introduced skin protecting ingredients (like ones you usually find in your serums and creams) into their SPF range.

Our Sun Cellular Defence range gives you everything your skin needs to be fully protected, UVA and UVB protection from SPF 6 – SPF 50 and also delivers anti-ageing ingredients to your skin.

This means that this year, whilst on holiday, your sun cream becomes your day cream and your after-sun becomes your night cream.

New for 2012 – Just in from Italy – Sensitive Protective Creams SPF 30 and SPF 50 RSP £31.00

Free from colour, fragrance, parabens and formulated to reduce the risk of sun associated allergies. Developed especially for children, men and sensitive/hypersensitive skin. You now have one sun care product for the whole family!   www.rvbcosmetics.co.uk