New booking / marketing system for UK salons

A businessman was surprised that his local barbershop was still using a paper diary to schedule appointments and manage the business, and has now setup an online system for salon owners.

Salon owners now have an online system that they can use to manage their bookings, see how their business is performing and easily market to their customers with text messages from anywhere, all by logging in online.

Fully Booked Salon is looking for salons to provide them with feedback on how the system works in their salon and how useful they find it for their business. The salons are receiving free usage in return for providing feedback.

Stefan Manku commented, “Salon owners are sometimes sold software that is expensive and difficult to use. They don’t have the cash required upfront or the time to devote to training on how to use it.”

“By using the Fully Booked Salon system, salon owners can be up and running in minutes, using a standard computer – no fancy equipment or touch screens required.”

“It is a sad fact that many salons don’t know how to market their salons effectively and manage their business. Salon owners often face having to balance their time between working in the salon and working on growing the business.”

Salon owners can register their interest at

Fully Booked Salon are testing their booking/marketing system for the next 8 weeks so salons have the chance to use the software for free for 8 weeks and provide feedback – it is truly focused around what salon owners need in order to grow their business.

ı Fully Booked Salon is an online system that lets salons manage the marketing and reporting of their salon.

ı The site is unique in that the system is easy to use, involves no upfront costs and works on a normal computer – users can be up in minutes.

ı Fully Booked Salon have priced the system so that everything is included in one booking fee for each appointment booked on the system – whether through the salons website or by their receptionist. The only other cost is 7p per text message. All upgrades, technical support, backups, online bookings are included in the booking fee.