A tanning company with a difference

f-logoAll of Fresh Indulgence tanning solutions and cosmetics are as natural as can be. Guaranteed paraben-free and using only eco-certified organic DHA, Fresh Indulgence has made a name for itself in both the mainstream and ethical beauty markets. Its pure and natural ingredients mean that Fresh Indulgence products offer options for a range of niches including nut allergy sufferers, vegans, those with highly sensitive or dry skin, or simply those who enjoy using a more natural-based product. As a brand, Fresh Indulgence is committed to:


  • Using environmentally-friendly energy sources whenever possible, including solar powered offices and ‘green’ delivery options
  • 100% against animal testing, never using any ingredient which has been tested on an animal
  • Using recycled packaging and paper



Tanning Range


Featured in our Green Salons issue, Revive is the solution of choice for those with sensitive skin or nut allergies. Users of this tan report that their skin feels smooth and moisturised after use, not dry in any way as with many fake tans. This is because Revive contains natural vitamin complexes and fruit extracts strongly linked to skin repair and anti-aging.


Caribbean Indulgence offers a deep, mocha brown tone, and has a stronger guide colour than Revive. Lasting up to 12 days and containing organic herbs and botanical extracts, this tan is available in 7.5%, 9.5% and 11.5% and can be sampled through their website for only £3 per bottle.


Electric Tan represents one of the most luxurious rapid tans on the market. The advanced blending method used to create this tan mean that it contains cutting-edge anti-cellulite ingredients, and actually feels warmer upon application than a traditional tan. This tan can be washed off in less than half the time of a regular tan, and yet the colour will continue to develop even after showering. The perfect party tan.



It Doesn’t Stop There


Fresh Indulgence compliments its tanning range with well priced consumables and accessories, as well as an ever-growing retail offering. Retail products include its internationally exported Indulgent Tanning Foam, Bronzing Lotion and highly popular Golden Glow Airbrush Tan – perfect for retailing onto clients to use between professional sessions.


Fresh Indulgence has also made a name for itself in the tanning equipment market, offering unbeatable pricing on tanning kits, machines and guns, backed by the very best support and customer service.



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