Adding beauty to a business

How adding beauty treatments to a salon can benefit a business, told by Karen Thomson, Owner of KAM Hair and Body Spa.

KAM Hair and Body Spa is a leading hair and beauty destination in the North of Scotland and has won a number of awards in their incredibly successful 30 years in business. We talk to Salon Owner, Karen Thomson, about why she found it beneficial to add beauty into her salon space, the effects it had on the salons revenue and attracting new clients…

I opened KAM Hair and Body Spa 16 years ago when I out grew the premises of the current salon I had. I found the new premises and decided to open the upstairs as a beauty salon/spa. The name KAM came from my initials and we liked the fact it could take on a second meaning of “CALM”. Everyone spends their lives rushing around and we wanted the salon to be a place where clients could relax and have their hair done and also give them the opportunity to completely switch off and enjoy some amazing spa and beauty treatments.

I did find it very hard making the transition into the beauty industry and at times wondered if I’d done the right thing but now it has become a really strong part of our business. Client’s love the fact they can come to the salon and have all their hair and beauty treatments and services in once place, under one roof. Not only does it allow clients to come in for a full pampering experience, but it’s particularly great for clients getting ready for special events such as weddings or big celebratory birthdays where they are looking to come to the salon and have a few services at once (e.g. for lashes, nails and a blow-dry or hair up) to get them ready for the occasion, whilst maximising our salon revenue.

By offering hair and beauty services it also allows us to cross promote and one of the ways we do this is by offering packages to our clients. By creating packages of both hair and beauty services this attracts loyal clients back to the salon time and time again, as they can get a number of their favourite services at a reduced cost, and it also attracts new clients to the salon who are looking to try out services at the salon for the first time but at a slightly discounted rate. These packages are fantastic gift ideas and we regularly promote new seasonal packages including for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas to attract clients to purchase them as last minute gift ideas for their loved ones.


By offering packages for Father’s Day and having men’s services available in your salon this also allows you to tap into another market. Men today are much more conscious of their appearance and by offering beauty services for men, this will further allow you to increase sales in the salon and attract new clientele.

By adding beauty to our salon this has in turn enabled us to stock beauty, including from some of the top beauty brands including Environ and Espa. By having beauty retail products in the salon this allows clients to pick up some of their favourites after their appointment, pick up gifts and purchase new professional products for them to try and add to their beauty routine. By having these displayed nicely in the salon, it attracts clients to purchase their products from us instead of the high street.

I think beauty is a great add on to hairdressing and although some costs can be expensive and some of the treatments don’t have such a good margin, others can really make up for it and bringing beauty into the salon for us was definitely worth it. It’s all about researching your market, finding out the kind of beauty services and treatments your clients want to ensure you have traction, that are on trend and that will allow you to stand out against your competitors. Think about clients with busy lifestyles and that want those ‘quick fix’ appointments. By offering services that are quick and that don’t require clients to be in the salon for a long period of time, this will not only attract those clients that are always on the go but it will allow you to bring more clients into the salon throughout the day and in turn, more income.