Advanced Pro Salon® is set to lead a new era in salon professional colour

Advanced Pro Salon® has launched an exciting new range of exceptionally high quality salon professional hair colour, ColourCodeTM, developed by a team of celebrity stylists and master colourists with over 40 years’ salon professional experience. Each 60ml tube delivers versatile permanent/demi dual colour performance with increased flexibility for colourists.

Featuring 117 professional shades across seven colour categories; special blondes, pure naturals, rich naturals, deep browns, vibrant reds, pastels and special mix, ColourCodeTM is focused on delivering long lasting, colour-rich depth with up to 100 per cent grey coverage.

ColourCodeTM is infused with Advanced Pro Salon®’s exclusive ProPlex Technology®, scientifically developed to repair hair from within, whilst anti-breakage and strengthening properties leave hair silky smooth.

“Driven by finest quality formulations, ingredient blends, and decades of high-level salon experience, Advanced Pro Salon® professional ranges are focused on delivering exceptional hair results that stylists, colourists and clients love; products your hair would choose.

“Hair health forms the core foundations of every product formulation we produce, scientifically developed by leading experts to ensure your hair is in peak condition during the colouring process, and the right blend of ingredients to combat everyday damage caused by styling and environmental pollutants.

“We are confident Advanced Pro Salon® will rapidly become one of the industry’s leading colour houses, as ColourCodeTM establishes itself within salons as one of the best professional colour formulations ever produced,” said Rob Collier, Director Advanced Pro Salon®

ColourCodeTM’s ingredient-rich formula is ammonia-free, fragrance enhanced and enriched with argan oil to restore healthy fats within the hair, lost during the stressful process of colouring, providing a better experience for both clients and colourists.

Powerful anti-oxidants are also infused into each tube with the addition of vitamins C and E, proven to reduce damage and colour interference caused by free radicals, and repair the body’s natural cells. Pro-vitamin B5 adds essential moisture to help prevent damage and reduce brittleness, for healthy looking hair.

“The versatility of the dual colour performance provides a dynamic edge within a modern salon environment, allowing colourists to produce permanent or demi applications with amazing, colour rich results. Shades are noticeably deep and vibrant with long lasting colour and impressively healthy hair, as a result of the ProPlex Technology®, argan oil and vitamin-infused formula.

“ColourCodeTM is a new era in salon professional colour, soon to be the go-to range of every leading salon, Style Director and elite colourist; it’s a game changer,” said John Wood MBE, Technical Director Advanced Pro Salon®

Advanced Pro Salon®’s new hair colour range is inclusive of a full range of salon professional crème developer peroxides, 7 Level ProBleach® and blue powder bleach, which are all argan oil enriched, inclusive of peroxides. ProBleach® is also infused with ProPlex Technology®, providing the perfect complement and pre-treatment to the ColourCodeTM range.

The range also extends through to post-colour care with the addition of a full wet range, including shampoos, conditioners and treatments in 500ml and 1000ml sizes, and styling products in 250ml, utilising anti-oxidants, sequestering agents, argan oil and keratin to achieve vibrant, luxuriously healthy hair.

Full technical and salon support infrastructures have been established to allow experienced master colourists, stylists and educators to demonstrate the full range of Advanced Pro Salon® products to all experience levels.

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