Ahead of trends and on top of spend

Experimenting with new colour formulations as the seasons change can have stylists quickly going beyond product allocations by over-mixing and driving up costs. Vish helps salons avoid any spikes in colour waste, leaving their teams free to be creative and keep clients excited.

Summer is here, and as colours blossom into summery pastels, candlelit brunettes and crisper blondes, it can be tricky to evolve formulas without increasing the waste that drives up colour costs. Seasonal change is key to avoiding client stagnation, but introducing new formulas can lead to variable costs. Salons that are using Vish are staying ahead of the trends and on top of their spend.

“Summer trends are taking centre stage now as we shake off the long gloomy winter and chilly spring providing us with an opportunity to change it up for clients and keep them excited by our work,” said Karine Jackson, whose London-based salon, Karine Jackson Sustainable Hair, took first place in this year’s Vish Waste Warrior Awards, with an average value in waste of £0.21 per service, against a national average of £1.19. “Whether it’s Candlelit Brunette, Barbie Blonde, Gemini Hair or Peachy Rose, we will deliver.”

Newquay-based Lucy Bone, a stylist at Jodie Young Colour Bar & Salon, who came second in the Stylist Vish Waste Warrior Award category, agrees.

“One of my favourite things I found while using Vish is that when it came to summer time it made it easy for me to reformulate my colours,” said Lucy, who has an average waste cost of £0.24 each service.

The team at Lisa Hauck Salon in London, which won second place in the Salon Waste Warrior category, have kept their average down to £0.39 per service by mixing up a minimum quantity when introducing a new formula.

“Before Vish, you either mixed up way too much to make sure you didn’t run out or you had to remember your ratios. Often that wasn’t possible, so inconsistencies crept in or you had to mix up the same amount even when you knew you only needed 25% more,” said Lisa. “Now we mix up a minimum when we have a new formula as Vish can recalculate to replicate in any quantity required.”

Lisa has also trained her reception coordinators so they can mix up colour when the stylist is busy.

“The formula is there with the exact ratio of colour required and thanks to the way the easy-to-use colour drop fills, it’s simple to measure,” added Lisa. “It means our busy stylists can simply ask for 25% more, knowing the mix will be consistent.”

Business is blooming for Vish salons this summer with costs kept low and clients sent home, once again delighted with their new colour. To join in the fun, head to getvish.com