Long live the skin

In an exclusive interview with Donna Maneva, Founder of DOMA, we find out about her innovative Longevyouth Cream that focuses on three key elements – hydration, cellular repair and a youthful mindset to create unforgettable results for skin health.

Please introduce us to the brand and what it strives to achieve.

DOMA is a marriage between science and ancient skincare secrets. The brand’s goal is to achieve results by slowing down and reversing the ageing of the skin. In pursuing this goal I looked at scientific research and why skin suffers premature ageing. Understanding the hallmarks of ageing helped me discover which ingredients effectively regenerate the skin. I didn’t ignore the ancient knowledge and practices within the history of beauty, so I travelled across the globe to source the most efficient natural and organic ingredients to include within the Longevyouth Cream. I spoke to local suppliers and communities and chose each ingredient to serve a particular role in my product.

What results can the DOMA cream achieve on clients?

DOMA Longevyouth Cream supports the mechanisms of skin cell rejuvenation and cellular repair whilst stimulating collagen and elastin production.⁠ It is deeply nourishing, yet lightweight and has a unique mousse-like texture, perfect for all skin types, even sensitive skin. It contains a prebiotic plankton extract which helps balance the microbiome of the skin and Sea Buckthorn Pulp helps to control sebum production and calms oily and acne-prone skin. Sequoia Leaf Extract strengthens the skin barrier and encourages wound healing for smooth, energised and illuminated skin. It can be applied to the whole face, eyes, neck and decolleté area.

Is the cream suitable for a variety of skin types?

Not only did I want to create a cream which would help to encourage cell turnover, and stimulate collagen and elastin production, but I wanted one which would be suitable for every skin type, even sensitive or oilier skins which can react to stronger anti-ageing creams. Multisal Retinol, which is a topical Vitamin A technology has a controlled release system, which allows continuous, small dosages of Vitamin A to be delivered to the skin, helping sensitive skins become more tolerant and benefit from Retinol-like results. As the cream can calm oilier and acne-prone skins whilst balancing the skin microbiome and we are proud to say that our customers with more problematic skins are enjoying great results.

Your brand supports sustainable initiatives, can you tell us about this?

Whilst results are important, protecting nature and using sustainable ingredients is a priority for DOMA. All of my ingredients are natural and 85% organic. Our packaging is made from only recyclable materials. We choose each ingredient and material mindfully from trusted suppliers with sustainable initiatives. In particular, we have a passion for soil regeneration, so we are proud to partner with the charity DIRT, founded by environmental campaigner and model Arizona Muse.