Super Cuts

The bob is the only cut that is always and forever a contemporary much-loved classic. We spoke to the hair experts at Denman to hear their thoughts on what makes the bob the best.

Go classic core with a box bob, flirt with the fringe for a French bob, leave it long with a lob or cut it short for a cute pixie – however you look at it, the bob is THE most enduring cut since it first made its debut in the early decades of the 20th century. The bob rose to permanence after Vidal Sassoon took the cut to global fame with his ‘five point bob’ in London’s swinging sixties. In the decades since the bob has continued to find favour with celebrities and clients alike and for every rising trend there is a bob to fit the bill.

Right now, the bob is Denman’s trend of the moment, Denman Ambassador Brandon Messinger said: “The bob cut is a timeless classic and has to be the most requested hair cut in any salon. As a hairdresser, the more confident you are in creating bobs, the more competent you become as a hairdresser. It’s a style that teaches you so many technical aspects of the mechanics of cutting and styling hair and they are all skills that are invaluable in other areas of hairdressing. It’s a wearable style that can be cut and styled to suit any face shape and for that reason clients love it too!”

The bob in all its variations has become part of the DNA of modern hairdressing and Denman has reliably continued to create the tools that match the moment. The D3 Original Styler in the iconic black, red and white colours remains the tool of choice for wrap drying a bob, plus Denman has extended a DNA range of tools to suit the many lengths and textures required for modern hairdressing. So, let’s take a moment to celebrate the beauty and diversity of this legendary style!

Top Denman tools for perfecting bobs

D3 Original Styler 7 Row
D4 Original Styler 9 Row
D31 Freeflow
D38 Power Paddle
D143 Long Handle 5 Row