Choose Remy Royale. Choose Perfection.

Designed to deliver maximum performance at all times, Cliphair’s Remy Royale range is the gift that keeps on giving – double-drawn for an ultimately luscious, deluxe look and feeling.
With world-class ratings on the market, this type of hair extensions is thick from root to tip – with the shorter strands being removed to ensure a fuller, voluminous look that is impossible to compete with. Remy Royale isn’t just a glamorous investment, but a promise of long-lasting, supreme quality that is easy to style and manage – for you, and for your clients.

Benefits of Remy Royale Hair Extensions

  • Unmatched softness
  • Shine
  • Manageability
  • Longevity

How Are Remy Royale Hair Extensions Made?

Carefully hand-selected and following a strict process for hygiene and quality assurance, Remy Royale hair extensions are made with love by hair experts, for hair experts. The range includes both permanent and clip-in options to satisfy everyone’s palate; by offering Cliphair’s Remy Royale hair extensions in your salon, you can provide your clients with the confidence and beauty they desire, knowing that they are receiving the highest quality extensions made with love and expertise.

Seamless Hair Extensions

Seamless hair extensions are a popular choice for those looking to add length, volume, or colour to their hair in a matter of minutes. Made of Remy Royale human hair, this incredible, luscious clip-in solution outclasses classic clip hair extensions thanks to its superior quality, shine, softness and manageability. Seamless extensions are made with a unique silicone seam that lays flat on the scalp, creating a natural and virtually invisible look designed to perform – with almost 0 shedding. These extensions are applied using small clips that are gentle on the hair and scalp, and can be easily removed at the end of the day; ideal for those willing to switch things up on occasion, without committing to a permanent makeover. Cliphair’s Seamless range is a popular choice among stylists across the world that are looking for an instant fix for a special event, particularly popular among honeymooners and bridesmaids. Available in lengths spacing from 16” to 24” and a wide variety of glamorous, true-to-tone shades.

Remy Royale Hair Weft

Remy Royale hair wefts are a luxurious option for those looking to create a flawless weave: whether you’re going for an old-school sew-in or a trendy LA weave to transform your client’s hairstyle, Remy Royale wefts are the gift that keeps on giving. For the perfectionists, they can also be used to create custom-made clip-in hair extensions to personalise your designated look. Made from 100% Remy human hair, these wefts are soft, silky, and tangle-free, making them easy to style and maintain. As a hair salon professional, you know that quality is key when it comes to providing your clients with top-notch service and results – so why would you go for anything less than sublime?

Pre-bonded I-Tips

You know that your clients expect the best when it comes to hair extensions. When your journey starts with the Remy Royale range of I-tips pre-bonded hair extensions, you’re already a step ahead. Rapidly becoming an all-time favourite among hair professionals, these extensions are made from real Remy human hair, ensuring that they are soft, silky, and natural-looking. Your clients will love the flexibility of being able to style their hair as they please, without having to worry about damaging their natural tresses! With a wide selection of colours and lengths ranging from 18” to 22” to choose from, you can offer your clients the perfect match for their unique style, making them leave your salon feeling (and looking) like a superstar.

Nano Ring Hair Extensions

If you’re a salon professional looking to offer the latest and greatest hair extension technology to your clients, look no further than Cliphair’s nano ring hair extensions collection. These extensions use a tiny, undetectable nano ring to secure the extension to the natural hair, providing a seamless and natural look that moves in perfect harmony with the rest of your mane. This permanent solution is a stellar choice to add volume and length in a virtually invisible way, hiding even in the trickiest of updos. Explore the nano ring hair extensions collection and find your client’s perfect match within a variety of lengths and glamorous hues to choose from! The best part? These extensions can last for months with proper care, making them a worthwhile investment for your clients. By offering Remy Royale nano ring hair extensions, you can provide your customers with the confidence and beauty they desire, making them feel like royalty.

A Quality Promise You Can Trust

Stocking with Cliphair means gaining access to high-quality, luxury tresses at competitive prices; inspirational content to let your creativity flow, and tailored, responsive customer service with 121 sessions. Don’t forget to add the code: SALONCR to your order to get a FREE colour ring to exhibit in your hair atelier!