All that glitters is not always gold; it can be silver, red, blue, green, lime…

Irresistible Glitters  is the latest brand to join Sweet Squared.


Irresistible Glitters  create amazing nail art for the professional nail market and their latest collection includes 36 different glitters in an array of colours and shapes including holographics to suit every client.  The greatest thing about these glitters is that they can be easily added to Minx, CNDShellac  and Lumos to create totally customised, unique nails for every woman in the world.


So what makes Irresistible glitters so different?  Think of these glitters in the same way as a sponge cake!!  There are 2 polyester outer layers that are completely clear and hypoallergenic and then there is the filling (the colour) which never fades due to the colour-lock technology.  The ultra fine glitters measure a teeny weeny .001 mm in thickness and .002 in size.


So what can they be used in?  If its nail related – you can mix it!!


CND Shellac – Add a bit at a time until you get the intensity you want.  Apply a thin layer of glitter to uncured CND Shellac Colour Coat, cure and seal with CND Shellac UV Top Coat.


Lumos  – with a very steady hand, just add as much or as little as you want to your enamel and apply.  Needless to say the more you add the more glittery the nails will look.  Don’t fancy that idea?  Why not paint a layer of Lumos Bottom Coat on the nail and dip the finger in to the glitter for the most sparkling look – EVER!!!  Always remember to use Lumos Top Coat.


Retention+  – For a hint of sparkle, add a ratio of 1:5 glitter to Retention+  Powder and mix well before application.  For super amazing blinging acrylic nails, add a ratio of 1:3 glitter to Retention+  Powder.  Just apply a thin layer of glitter acrylic and build in strength, shape and structure using clear over the top.  Finish as usual.


Minx – Use over the top of the design to create something truly unique.  Protect the design with either Lumos or a coat of CND Shellac UV Top Coat.  If using Minx with transparent areas, the glitter can be applied first with the Minx added over the top.


These are the perfect glitters to use for Rockstar and the new ring finger nails, (as sported by Kelly Rowland) as they pick up and reflect the light brilliantly.


Mix different shapes and colours together to create a one-off custom look or use them straight from the jar for a quick touch of pizzazz before heading off for a night on the town.