The spa brand used by the most exclusive spa destinations in the world is now available in the UK

The exclusive spa brand of Walt Disney World and the brand of choice at the likes of Glen Ivy Hot Springs in California and the world famous Dolder Grand Spa in the Swiss Alps, has finally arrived in the UK.
PRIMAVERA, with its superior natural ingredients, chic feng shui bottles and incredible skin and wellbeing properties, is fast becoming the most asked-for spa brand in the world.
Now available here in the UK, the wide aromatherapy range includes an impressive collection of 100% natural essential oils, cold-pressed seed oils, base oils and floral waters.  The award-winning skin and body care range consists of skin type specific cleansers, moisturisers, serums, exfoliators, toners, oils and masks.
The ingredients for the PRIMAVERA products are grown, handpicked and blended at the company’s head quarters in an area of outstanding natural beauty in Bavaria, Germany.

Jann Hess, Director of the Dolder Grand Spa, said,

“The demand for organic products is high and reflects the spirit of our time.  We are delighted to have found a high-quality, natural premium product in this field.”

The world class destination spa is now exclusively using PRIMAVERA products on their treatment menu. The products use 100% natural, exotic and efficacious ingredients such as ginger, lime, juniper, cypress, sallow thorn, lavender and vanilla.

PRIMAVERA brand manager for the UK and professional therapist, Esther Cooney says,
“The brand is offering fantastic training and incentives to both new and established spas, as well as annual rejuvenator courses, sales support and free testers and bags for retail sales areas.  The support from the company to its professional customers is second to none and the visible results for clients makes them life-long PRIMAVERA fans, hence why more and more elite spa-goers are now requesting PRIMAVERA.”
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