Banish free treatments

In an exclusive interview with Sammie Webster, CEO and Co-Founder of GoGiniPig, we discover the game-changing platform that’s redefining beauty education and boosting profits.

Please introduce us to the brand and the inspiration behind it. 

GoGiniPig is all about helping treatment providers enhance their skills whilst offering appointments that are both affordable and reliable to clients. The inspiration comes from the desire to offer new clients the chance to receive treatments, whilst also allowing our practicing professionals to perfect their skills and even fill empty slots in their diaries. It’s time-consuming posting on social media looking for models, and with no security that they will attend. That’s why GoGiniPig is a win-win for both parties. The platform provides a minimum of 30% off treatments for our models and secured bookings with new clients through their door!

In your expert opinion, why is it important to train on new clients?

When you’ve invested in new training, of course, you will have numerous existing clients ask if they can be a ‘Guinea Pig’. Ultimately, you want to continue to be seen by your existing clients as a professional. en we take bookings on your behalf, it will show whether you are a ‘Newbie’, ‘Nearly There’ or a ‘Pro’, to manage expectations. We value your time, and time is money, so no more freebies to family or friends. We help you boost your profits and if your model doesn’t turn up, we’ll return 50% of your appointment price. That’s how much we value you and don’t want you to lose out.

How does a treatment provider specify what they’re looking for?

If you have specific criteria that you need from your models then you can add this in the appointment information. You can state if you would like a testimonial, or images for your socials, and upload a consultation form to ensure your model is suitable before attending the appointment. You can manually approve or decline your models, or if you would just like to fill appointment slots we can automatically take bookings on your behalf. We send appointment reminders too for both parties.

How can our readers work with you?

It’s simple, all you need to do is decide whether you would like to be a treatment provider, a model or both, and sign up using a dazzling photo of yourself, then you will be guided through the process! When you would like to start taking bookings, click the menu and choose ‘Create an Appointment’ and wait for the bookings to come in! When the treatment is complete, just let us know in the platform and we will arrange for payment to be sent to you, with our trusted payment provider Stripe.