Enhance natural beauty

Dreamweave & Co has been the quiet underdog for the last 15 years within the UK cosmetic industry. Its focus on mascaras and lip plumpers has enabled the brand to create world-class products that take the ‘everyday mascara and lip enhancer’ to the next level. 

Instead of just giving an aesthetic result, the use of peptides in the product’s formulations have enabled the consumer to nourish and repair their lips and lashes at a cellular level. The brand’s mission is to ‘actively enhance natural beauty’, and in today’s market, consumers want to know that their everyday cosmetic staples are also benefitting and improving their features, whilst creating the look they desire and performing to an impeccable standard.

Makeup artists, beauticians and salon owners will love the three mascaras within the range. They all boast the main features of no smudge, no clump, no flakes and no panda eyes, deeming them perfect for long-term wear and able to withstand any emotional event or special occasion. They are suitable for all ages and lifestyles and due to being irritant-free, can be worn by consumers with sensitive eyes and are contact lens friendly!

All products have special features:

Lash Construct: Wide lash peptide treatment for lash growth and repair results can be seen within 15 days of use.

Lash Magnet: Designed for lash extension and separation, dubbed the ‘Eyelash Extension in a Tube’.

Magnegenics: For dramatic volume and glamour, this product achieves the effect of fibre lashes without the fibres.


The Powerhouse Lip Plumper is the only plumper on the market to consist of a tri-peptide formulation that repairs and builds collagen, mimics hyaluronic acid injections, volumises and fills any lines and wrinkles, and also soothes lips by restoring the barrier function to improve moisture levels. No other lip plumper has such a complex formulation of peptide ingredients that offers both long-term and instant plumping effects within 30 days of use!

The brand offers safe, inexpensive, non-invasive alternatives that enhance the client’s natural beauty. They don’t want to emulate ‘fake’ looks, they want to accentuate the client’s unique features. What’s more, as of December 2022, under new ownership, Dreamweave & Co has been re-branded and re-energised with a plethora of new marketing assets and continuous support for all salons stocking their products. The products are an easy upsell to clients after any treatment, and you can be assured they will become repeat customers after they’ve tried the products, benefitting you with continuous sales!