BDR introduces a revolutionary non-surgical skin care treatment to UK salons

BDR1Beauty Defect Repair (BDR) is a revolutionary non-surgical aesthetic therapy method that reaches medical level results without the use of invasive techniques.

A novelty for the UK market this incredible German method is endorsed by respected dermatologists, beauticians and plastic surgeons in more than 2000 beauty institutions in 20 countries around the world. Such an incredible success is assured by unsurpassed results that are noticeable after just one treatment leaving everyone who has tried Beauty Defect Repair enthusiastic.BDR2

Combining a multifunctional device with specially created dermaceutical skincare products BDR effectively targets such problems as skin aging, loss of elasticity, wrinkles, scars, pigmentation and acne.

Bringing together techniques from medical, dermatological and cosmetic technology BDR treatments include fruit acid skin peel, crystal free dermabrasion, microneedle stimulation, lymphatic drainage massage, blue and red led light therapy.SONY DSC

Just few reasons why Beauty Defect Repair is a great investment for your salon:

  • One system provides eight functions and many different treatment solutions, meaning it’s a cost-effective piece of beauty therapy equipment
  • Visible results after just one treatment ensure maximum client loyalty
  • Beauticians were involved in the development of the method, ensuring the systems is easy to learn and use
  • Can be used as an alternative for invasive anti-aging procedures or compliment them
  • Competitive prices ensure a fast return on investment
  • All BDR products are suitable for sensitive skin as well as skin that is prone to allergies.
  • Recommended by numerous doctors and beauty specialists


“As plastic esthetical surgeon I am confronted with the skin ageing problem on a daily basis. Moreover, I am continuously searching for new and innovative methods to achieve a rejuvenation of the skin. This absolute world novelty is unique in its effect. Firstly, the elasticity of the skin is renewed immediately, and secondly, dermaceutical products are quickly transported into deeper skin layers by means of a combination with special and unique techniques.”

Dr.P. Holzschuh MD, plastic esthetical surgeon, Karlsruhe (Germany)


“During a clinical test of the beauty defect repair method over a period of 9 months, we obtained excellent results with patients of different ages. The face treatments we made with bdr instead of using the common cosmetical treatment, showed clearly better results than any conservative cosmetic facial treatment has achieved so far. From the dermatological point of view I can absolutely recommend the beauty defect repair method for the dermatological cosmetology.”

Dr. M.E.Cornely MD, Dermatologist, Dusseldorf (Germany)