BLOG: Salon owner Simon Cox shares his tips for recruiting and retaining a top team

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Simon Cox is the owner of the award-winning Clipso salon in St Albans

Hiring and keeping a talented and passionate team is key to the success of any business. There are a few useful ways that I have found to be the most effective in recruiting and retaining team members at my salon.

Word of Mouth

As simple as it sounds, word of mouth can be your most powerful tool when it comes to recruitment. I regularly speak to my team and ask if they know of anybody that may be looking for pastures new. I brief my team as to the requirements needed and let the jungle grape vine do the rest.

Social Media

Utilising your website and social media is invaluable. Whether it’s your website, blog, Facebook or Twitter, these tools can help create and build positive engagement within your targeted community. As you continue to engage and grow with your audience, your message for recruitment – or any message for that matter – can be liked, shared, re-tweeted and re-blogged to thousands, even millions, of potential people that you’re trying to target. Make the most of Twitter and Facebook Ads to strengthen the word of mouth process, too.

Recruitment Pages

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of hair industry websites that allow you to post when you’re recruiting. Our salon advertises on the recruitment page at, detailing requirements. To hit the top of the recruitment page, it requires a small fee, but I’d highly recommend grabbing the opportunity to feature high up on a premium service – this eliminates the problem of your salon getting lost amongst hundreds of other advertisements. This has proven very successful as it’s allowed Clipso St Albans to reach a much wider circle of potential candidates.

Retaining Team Members

Conducting regular appraisals is a short, yet effective action that can be had with your current team members. It shows that you’re investing in their skills and confidence. This small communication will add a huge amount of success to any salon.

As your salon grows, it’s imperative that your team does, too. Offering on-going training courses at a technical centre or in-house with your technical reps, is an opportunity to work together as a team and to improve the overall service in your salon.

And finally, communication is everything. I regularly conduct team meetings to keep everyone up-to-date on what’s happening in the salon. To strengthen the bond between all team members, I’ve started adding icebreakers at the beginning and the end of each meeting. Icebreakers are extremely advantageous as they inject an element of fun into a normal ‘boring’ meeting and thoroughly increase communication and listening skills.