Brow down

It’s crucial to always evolve and develop your skills to stand out in the competitive beauty industry. If you’re looking to become a brow boss, BrowtiquebyK’s intensive brow training courses are made for you. In an exclusive interview with the Owner, Krysthen Hubayan, she explains her specialist course designed to launch successful brow businesses. 


Please introduce us to the brand.

We are proud to have created a brand that, in every way possible, stands apart from the rest. As a leading educator, I intend to push the boundaries in this industry. Starting as a luxurious home brow studio, we have catapulted our brand to an international scale and are onto our newest mission: all-inclusive online masterclasses where we provide diversified models and video tutorials with a multitude of educational content covering business and social media aspects to kick start and elevate your very own entrepreneurial journey!


What skills can brow technicians learn from your training academy?

Specialising in Hybrid Dye and Brow Lamination Sculpting, our masterclasses teach you exactly how to achieve our signature looks using diversified video tutorials and in-depth brow guidebooks.

We also provide detailed modules outlining more of our background efforts, such as; business structure tips, professional ethics, how to consult with and build a large client base, social media tips, downloadable templates and so much more! We also pride ourselves in constantly updating our masterclasses for FREE because we love it when our students evolve with us.

With Australians paving the way for the consumer demand for perfect brows, what can professionals in the UK take from the Australian brow technique?

Eyebrow trends are ever-changing and the rising popularity of brow lamination and hybrid dye sculpting has taken the world by storm. Australian brow artists’ techniques are paving the way for the new era of trends through diversified techniques and styles of brow treatments. Wherever you’re from, style, technique, application and precision, are crucial. We believe that the best investment you could ever make is in yourself. 

Who is the training academy suitable for?

Inclusivity, diversity and transparency are what drives us and are the core values that our training programs are built on. Whether you are an upcoming or a seasoned artist, our online masterclasses were designed to fit everyone at every skill level. This is evident in the global success footprint of our 500+ students since our first masterclass release in July 2022. You can see our students success stories posted regularly on our socials and on our website.

Stay tuned because in our mission to scale our brand, we are going to be reborn with a new and elevated name in 20/04/23.