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For 60 years Bigen has been the leading hair care and colouring brand in Japan and many other Asian countries. Their range is available in over 70 countries worldwide reflecting the hair colouring brands continuous success and passion. In an exclusive interview with Shotta Nitta, Managing Director, at Bigen, we explore the innovative brand and the benefits it presents to your hair styling. 


–  Please introduce us to the brand. 

Originating in Japan with over 100 years of history & expertise, Bigen is a part of the Hoyu family of brands and offers a core range of five hair colour products across Europe. With a focus on consistency, simplicity and functionality in its design, Bigen’s mission is to help those with naturally dark hair achieve full coverage of grey hair in the comfort of their own home.

Bigen’s latest product launch in the UK is a range of hair dye products designed to offer a gentler and less-damaging option for those with dark and textured hair looking for comprehensive coverage for greys – it’s the ‘Gentle Cream’ range.

Bigen’s Gentle Cream colours are designed with textured, curly and coiled hair in mind, whilst also being suitable for those who have used relaxers. Available in four colours, Jet Black (1JB), Ash Black (2AB), Natural Black (2BL) and Natural Brown (4BR).

–  What gives Bigen hair dye a competitive edge? 

As a demi-permanent hair dye, Bigen Gentle Cream offers long-lasting colour like a permanent hair dye, whilst offering little to no damage to the hair, like a semi-permanent hair colour. Bigen Gentle Cream uses just 2% peroxide in the oxidant of the product resulting in less damage for those looking to cover their grey hair and does not contain ammonia meaning you avoid any harsh smells.

With 88% naturally derived ingredients, including hydrating olive oil extract, waste-free application, easy-to-mix product and non-drip formula, those looking for grey coverage can achieve their desired results in just 20 minutes.

–  What benefits can a stylist see when using Bigen hair dye?

When it comes to using the product, its ease of application and simple three-step approach sets it apart – offering great results in less development time. This means that clients can experience great results, without the long wait time usually associated with hair colouring appointments, whilst salons can improve turnaround time and increase appointment numbers day-to-day.

The Gentle Cream range can also support salons looking to cut down on product and equipment wastage because the product can be used for multiple applications, encouraging multi-use.

–  How can our readers work with Bigen? 

To be one of the first UK salons to stock Bigen’s Gentle Cream Colour, the product range can be purchased at or enquiries can be submitted directly to its product team via