cLHAIR Mantra – The Essential Hair Care Book for All Textures

Master stylist, Claire Martin has released her first ever book, cLHAIR Mantra, which is available to purchase on Amazon or download for free via Kindle.

cLHAIR Mantra offers an incredible insight into Claire’s journey with textured hair. As a young child she rocked her mum’s big section cornrows, but at thirteen Claire thought it time to discover her own personal look. She practised endlessly to master a variety of unique designs and patterns on her own hair, which soon became the envy of all her friends. Because her services were in such high demand, Claire was able to create a savvy stream of income whilst still at school.

From understanding how to work with textured hair from such a young age, Claire has since honed her craft through many years of training. With her book, Claire wants to help you help your clients by sharing her ethos on managing and maintaining curly crowns! 

Claire has tried and tested different products and techniques to discover the ultimate combinations and effective routines to encourage hair growth, strengthen lengths and avoid moisture loss. cLHAIR Mantra provides a compressed wash day routine that covers all bases for healthy, balanced hair to assist other professionals who want to broaden their knowledge across all hair types.

“I have always believed that anyone can achieve a stylish look, no matter their hair type but it must start with a healthy head of hair. Therefore, I gathered my knowledge in all aspects of hair texture and put it down on paper to create cLHAIR Mantra. I hope to help other hairdressers educate their clients on healthy hair care as well as providing in salon services for all.” Claire Martin.

From braiding in the playground to becoming a renowned colour and hair care expert with her very own online academy, Claire’s incredible book cLHAIR Mantra, is full of essential tips for any hair stylist wanting to provide an inclusive service to all. 

cLHAIR Mantra