Montibello Vegan 360° Service

MONTIBELLO recognises the beauty market is growing and evolving towards more natural needs, so allow us to introduce their Vegan 360° service.

With today’s client looking for simple and natural looks, they also want effective products that care for the hair and the planet.  Montibello’s high performance products that make up the Vegan 360° service, bring a unique opportunity to update and upgrade your salon services. 

Focusing on sustainability, natural botanical ingredients and reduced packaging, Montibello has taken action in caring for hair, caring for people and the environment.


DÉNUÉE ammonia and fragrance-free charcoal lighteners (with activated charcoal made from 100% natural bamboo), can lift colour by up to 7 levels and provide greater protection against damage.  The lighteners neutralise and reduce the appearance of undesired warm tones helping produce more even, well-toned shades.  With eight plant extracts and powerful marine algae, the botanical bond care nourishes and protects the hair structure and reduces breakage. 


DÉNUÉE – THE WORLD’S FIRST & ONLY water-based, ammonia-free hair colour is a leap forward in permanent colouring.  Offering precise, reliable, and natural looking results, the range meets all the requirements for a superior colour service.  

Revolutionary AQUAGEL technology supplies a powerful water-based pigment release system while achieving colour results that mimic the shades of natural, undyed hair.  Eight plant extracts and calamine soothe and protect the scalp providing optimum comfort during the service. 

100% natural-looking coverage, and guaranteed long-lasting results, DÉNUÉE enhances vibrancy and natural shine, offering versatility to adapt to every need – available in 76 intermixable shades.

ÉCLAT, Montibello’s innovative acidic pH demi-permanent hair colour, transforms colour services into a treatment.  With an explosion of vitality and benefits, Éclat provides amazing coverage in only 20 minutes!

With an acidic pH of 6.9, Éclat does not alter or lighten the hair’s natural melanin, which ensures flawless, healthy hair.  It’s a versatile range and suitable for 100% of your clients and offers Tech Bonder Technology, Plant proteins and Vitamin C.  Combined, they anchor the colour and protein filler into the hair, while replenishing and strengthening the structural bond, adding shine, and rejuvenating the hair. 

The Éclat range comprises of 34 fully intermixable shades, with a transparent Clear for glossing services or diluting shades.

DECODE ZERO is a new generation of high-performance, additive-free, vegan formulas designed to care and nourish the hair on a regular basis. 


Essential Shampoo and Balm moisturise and soften the hair while protecting against colour fade and pollution.  Decode Zero Cure leave-in serum intensively treats the hair, restoring, reviving, and strengthening the hair fibre.  


Complete the 360° with the Decode Zero Styling products.  A range of invisible hold formulas for clean, natural styling, with weightless, free-moving hair.  Formulated with up to 94% natural origin ingredients, Decode Zero provides natural beauty that is more than a trend…it is a new lifestyle.

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