How Vish transforms profits

The hottest data newly released by Vish showed salons using its technology captured an additional £2 million in product charges last year. The Charlie Miller Group in Edinburgh, known for excellence in business as much as in hairdressing, was one of them. We asked Joint Managing Director, Josh Miller how Vish has helped them secure their colour profits.

The fantastic thing Vish gives us is data that we’ve never had before. Previously, we could measure colour stock as a percentage of colour revenue but couldn’t break it down per stylist and per service. Now we can!

Why did you switch to Vish? 

We’ve used Vish for more than two years now. It took a while to move the culture, but now we wouldn’t be without it. The way it integrates with our POS system for client colour notes is key for us and differentiates us from our competitors. Once we reweigh, it gives us the exact amount we need to use next time. It sometimes feels like this takes more time, but we save time in not needing to type up the notes.

What were you hoping would happen? 

Initially we wanted to save on wastage and costs. What was really interesting was discovering stylists were actually using different amounts of colour for the same services. We noticed that stylists who were more recently qualified mixed more. We investigated and found out they mixed more so they didn’t run out mid-service, and consequently ended up running late. We would never have been able to get this data previously and it has helped us support newly qualified stylists better while working on reducing wastage.

Have you seen profit and revenue increase?

We have less non-charged extras slipping through, like a product charge for very thick heads of hair. The overall increased consciousness has resulted in these items being charged properly.

What did you notice first?  

The biggest thing we noticed was the disparity between the amounts of stock being used for the same services, so we toughened up our guidelines on what should be used, making them solidly evidence-based.

Were there any hurdles? 

Reweighing is key and that demands a cultural change, not so easy to enforce when people are running late. If your wi-fi isn’t working the team will revert to their old ways. So we upgraded our routers and broadband connections and made sure this was no longer an issue. We needed to remove the hurdles. It takes a little time to make Vish the normal way to work, but it is worth it.

We are also introducing a new award of Most Sustainable Salon at our annual team awards night. Vish will play a critical role in helping decide who wins.

Has using Vish enabled you to change your long-term planning for the colour department? 

Ultimately Vish gives us more control over our business, which has enabled us to overhaul stock control, expenditure, cost of waste collection, pricing and profit.