Creating a memorable image

Stand out online with Instagrammable salon tools, as told by Amy Filippaios, founder of SimplyHair UK.

With TikTok dominating many of our online lives, and brands jumping on board to create their own content.  As an inherently aesthetic business, salons and stylists are perfectly positioned to harness the potential TikTok and Reels has to offer, but how do you stand out amongst a sea of competition? 

Creating a recognisable online image for your hair business

Consistency is key, without an underlying theme, a miss-mash of styles or design ideas will not build a recognisable brand look. Consider the types of clients you serve and build your vision around what they would appreciate. 

It doesn’t have to cost the earth

The great news is that creating a recognisable online image doesn’t have to cost the world, you just need some clear visual anchors for your brand, and this is where the inspiration for our Instagrammable salon range was born.

We have curated a range of products that compliment a wide range of salon interiors, so they can be mixed and matched to compliment your own branding, and really elevate your presence both online, and on the salon floor.

Customers love to be immersed into a brand experience, therefore creating online content that features beautifully foiled hair, will pique the curiosity of potential customers, and tempt them into seeking the same experience in real life.

Gone are the days of being sat in front of a mirror with creased silver foils and a crusty 2 month old magazine, clients are looking for a much more glamorous experience, watching carefully selected and aesthetically complimentary foils being put in their hair, whilst sipping on a barista style latte or herbal tea; taking full advantage of the free Wi-Fi you have to offer.

Creating an Instagrammable salon experience

A pretty space will help build your reputation by word of mouth and ensure customers capture and share their visit online, encouraging others to book an appointment. 

Creating a selfie spot and incorporating hashtags that feature in your space are a great way to encourage this behaviour.  It isn’t unheard of for clients to specifically seek out these spaces purely on the basis of a stunning selfie spot, so this is a key opportunity not to be missed!  We created our very own selfie space using pampas and a neon sign, making it super easy for clients to share great images with their followers.

With aesthetic tools like colourful foils, as well as a nice interior, you are giving your clients an unmissable opportunity to snap creative content, and this is the type of online marketing that will see your salon business grow both online and offline.

Endless opportunities for content

The days of before and after images have now been replaced with Reels and TikToks which not only showcase your work, but also showcase your business and staff, so it is vital that you have considered how you visually represent your salon in order to grab the attention of new clientele.

Reels and TikToks of perfectly foiled hair, work stations curated with matching combs, clips and scissors, and adapting trending audios so they are relevant to a salon environment are the marketing strategies adopted by many leading salons today.  Having the right tools are the small details that are key to standing out from your competition, creating content that your audience will instantly recognise.


Kitch Hair (@kitchhair) are a great example of a brand who have created a visual identity for their business online, through the use of carefully curated tools and interior choices.  Their images are instantly recognisable to their followers and intriguing to potential new clients.  Combining this interior aesthetic with pink foils will immerse your client into the experience, and offers something exciting and unique they may not have experienced before and may be willing to pay more for.

Our top tips on creating a show-stopping interior:

Tip 1 – Start with a mood board.  Think about what you want your brand to represent, what colours resonate with your brand and how they can be 

incorporated into your interior. This will also help you to stick to a style and not purchase items that don’t fit the overall look and feel.

Tip 2 –  Don’t underestimate the small details. Inject personality into your salon by upgrading your everyday styling tools. Coloured dye brushes, branded aprons and patterned hair foils can give the ordinary an extraordinary look, and really help to encourage and inspire clients to share their experience on TikTok and Instagram.

Tip 3 –   “Invest in a “star”.  If you have the budget, creating a focal point will instantly add impact.  For example, a large neon sign can bring your salon to life and the soft light adds to the ambience, helping you to refresh your salon’s look without having to replace the existing furniture. For a low-cost makeover, a brightly painted wall with complementary framed digital prints can instantly lift your space and bring your brand visuals into the salon.

SimplyHair foils are the perfect cost effective way to inject some personality into your salon space.  

SimplyHair has a range of colours and designs, which makes it super simple to find something that will compliment modern salon interiors.  Whether you have a minimalist theme where our Palm Print design would feel right at home, a super girly salon where our Pink Floral and Lilac Leaf would look like it was custom designed just for your space, or a clean and classy traditional salon where our Gold Floral has the mature edge your clients are looking for, colourful foils are the perfect way to inject colour, personality and individual style.

Available in both 100m Roll and Pop Up options, our foils start from as little as £10.39 per box*
*Price based on customer holding a SimplyHair trade account.

So the question is…which colour are you choosing?