Creating a Unique Salon Design

When opening my MARKDAVID salon it was incredibly important to me to have a unique salon design. I wanted to stand out from the crowd from other salons in the area and be able to offer clients a unique experience, which was enhanced by the salon’s design and special touches. I also wanted the salon to appear very luxurious and exclusive and feel like Edinburgh’s best kept secret – a place where clients could escape from the outside world and come in, relax and be at one with themselves.

When it came to designing the salon I had so many ideas that I wanted to try to fit in the space. With that in mind I decided to screenshot ideas that I found and loved on Instagram, taking inspiration from home interior, as I wanted the salon to look and feel more like a house than a salon, with a homely and welcoming vibe. I also created mood boards and my own drawings and showed these to my interior designer, showcasing the details, colour schemes and furnishings that I liked and how I wanted the salon to look.

I think creating a unique salon design is so beneficial to allow clients to choose you rather than your competitors and to increase client loyalty and have your clients spreading word of mouth about how incredible your salon is, attracting in new clients. Client’s do not want to go to a plain white space that looks very clinical, they want to be in a space that inspires them and makes them feel comfortable and at ease, and that’s exactly what we wanted to achieve at MARKDAVID, not only inspiring our clients but also our team. We achieved comfort through luxurious yet cosy furnishings and an aspirational setting through our accessories and added details, including works of art from local artists, coffee table books and gold ornaments with the idea to create an art deco, great Gatsbyesque vibe. All of this, including our finishing touches, such as crystal glasses and gold crockery, fresh flowers and beautifully scented local business candles around the salon, help to further enhance our client’s experience and we’re incredibly proud of the space we have created.

Having a unique salon design can also be used as marketing. We have a large floral display outside of our salon, which stops passers-by to have a look at the display and take photos to share on their social media, tagging our salon and increasing awareness of the salon. It also attracts these passers-by to have a look in the window and be interested in coming to our salon when they are booking their next hair appointment. At Christmas time, we have Christmas displays including Christmas lighting inside and outside the salon and inflatables outside of the salon, which again attract passers-by and locals from the area.

Our salon has only been open for under two years and has already been an incredible success, of which we truly believe our salon design has helped with. It gets people talking, not just clients and the team, but local businesses you collaborate with and also industry professionals and local and trade publications, spreading the word and raising further awareness. Because of the fantastic feedback of our salon, we expanded during the lockdown period and now are planning to expand further towards the end of the year. We want our clients to come to MARKDAVID and have a different room on each visit – something they can look forward to and that encourages them to come back time and time again.