Denman supports Haircare and Wellbeing workshops in schools run by Casey Dale!

Mobile hairdresser and session stylist Casey Dale is one woman making a big difference in the lives of young teens. Casey is working with her local secondary school in South London to provide a safe space where young people can learn and practice how to care for their hair type with practical skills and positive affirmations. The lessons form part of the children’s curriculum Enrichment Programme and run for six weeks. Casey says “I first came up with the idea for the workshops when I was volunteering on a ‘back to school’ charity drive. On the day of the event I chose to offer haircare and braiding and each child’s hair told a story. I realised that lots of children don’t have the knowledge, confidence or funds to take care of their own hair and as a result their wellbeing was being affected. I wanted to change that. 

Casey has created a book called “The Beginners Guide on How to Care for Your Hair at Home” which can be purchased on and offers the book along with knowledge and positive wellbeing advice to the teens in her class. The school has since asked her to return to run classes for mixed year groups 9 and 10 as the participants have loved their time with Casey so much. 

Denman was more than happy to supply the Denman Power Paddle D38, Denman Tangle Tamer D93M and Denman Rake Comb DC09 for Casey’s workshop participants and Casey invites any brand interested in supporting her workshops to get in touch on Instagram @iamcaseystyles. Kevin McNamee, CEO of Denman International says “This is such a fantastic initiative and one that we couldn’t resist supporting.

The plans for rolling out Casey’s “empowerment within” strategy don’t stop with schools – Casey offers workshops for all ages from 5 years old to adults who want to learn the best way to care for their own hair type and texture. Longer term Casey would like to see her workshops taught in schools across the UK and has a vision of them becoming an accredited course for future learners in the NVQ structure. 

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