Do you want to be paid by debit and credit cards easily?

BPaid beeThe Problem


If you can answer yes to any of the following options, then read on…


Q1.         Have you ever been asked if you can take card payments?


Q2.         Ever been with a client (in your salon or at their home) and they wanted to buy some extra products but couldn’t because they didn’t have enough cash, and you can’t take card  payments?


Q3.         Have you ever looked into being paid by card but been put off by the high fees involved?


Q4.         If you can take card payments, are you paying too much?


More and more people want to pay by card – but the high fees are putting smaller salons, mobile hairdressers and therapists off signing up to the services available due to the high fees, the need often to present business history, credit checks and then a long wait to see if you are accepted.


We hear stories of having to wait three months for a decision, and then to be told you can have a Chip n’ PIN machine but you cannot access your money for 30 days.  We hear other stories that you just cannot get facilities to take card payments unless you have a business bank account.


More and more small businesses are faced with these problems, but the fact remains your customers often prefer to pay by credit and debit card – and let’s face it, this means means they are often prepared to spend more.  We looked at a payment option called B-Paid which has been available since June 2011 and is now being widely used by independent
small businesses throughout the UK.  We also looked at two small businesses using B-Paid.


“Customers often prefer to pay by credit and debit card”


Two small businesses faced the dilemma of whether to pay for credit and debit card facilities – Lisa Holme, Owner of Omni in Haydock and Sarah Blocksidge, Owner of Elsian in Andover.


Sarah explained her problem:


“I have a room in a Beauty Salon where I work up to 20 hours per week.  I didn’t want to meet a sales representative to complete lots of paperwork and then wait up to 28 days for a credit check.  Also did not want to tie myself into a 24 month contract which is what most of the bigger merchants wanted.”


Lisa had similar issues:


“I was looking into getting a card terminal with another company but after comparing the monthly charges and contract tie-ins I was luckily recommended to B-Paid by a friend.”


The Solution


The B-Paid option allows small businesses to be paid through smartphones and PCs – all for £4.95 per month (plus a 3.4% plus 20p per each transaction when linked a PayPal payment gateway).  There is no set-up fee, no long term contract (just a 30 day rolling arrangement which can be cancelled at anytime) and no credit check is required – you just pay a small monthly fee.  You do not need any other hardware – just your smartphone or a computer with a connection to the internet.  Using a payment gateway such as PayPal typically means monies are transferred to your preferred account in 3 working days.


By being able to take credit and debit cards for many businesses using B-Paid has meant they no longer need to go to the bank with cheques and worry if they might bounce.  B-Paid also helps with cashflow and the hassle factor of having to chase money – something all businesses hate.


“No set-up fee, no long term contract, no credit check – just a small monthly fee”


B-Paid also provide 1-2-1 Telephone support to set-up your account which includes a run through of how to take payments.


Lee-Ann, one of the B-Paid Helpdesk team says:


“Don’t worry about the technology or our team having to be patient.  We love helping people to set-up and for you to be paid by cards.  It changes your business and takes the hassle factor of being paid – hence B-Paid!


All you need is about one hour and a large cup of hot tea to set-up and to be given a demonstration of B-Paid.  By the end you will feel confident in using B-Paid and importantly be able to say ‘I can take all major credit and debit cards’ to your customers.”


The Proof


Imagine if one of your customers has the right cash for the treatment they booked, but not to buy products or pay for an extra treatment you may advise.  Imagine if your customer offers you a cheque, and you have the hassle of taking it to the bank and wondering if there is enough money in their account.  Imagine if your customer does not have any cash and you have to go round later to collect it.  All these issues go away with B-Paid.


Sarah from Elsian really liked B-Paid from the start:


“I like the fact B-Paid is a low monthly fee and a rolling month on month contract. It is easy to set up and  I use B-Paid on my Nexus 7 tablet for treatment and product sales at all the locations I work from.


It has put me in control of my cash flow. I no longer have to worry about cheques bouncing or wait for the salons to process their paperwork before I get paid for the work I have done. I would definitely recommend B-Paid!”


“I no longer have to worry about cheques bouncing”


Lisa from Omni also like the security of B-Paid:


“I like the hassle-free way that you can choose whether or not you need it from month to month, the way it securely protects client information.  It has also helps my marketing.  B-Paid was a god send over Christmas and meant more impulse buys.“


Find out more


To find out more and to arrange a 1-2-1 Telephone support appointment to set-up your account call the Helpdesk team on 01491 839 962.  You can also find out more by visiting