Essence Hybrid

So much more than a skin booster from Lipology.

The beauty and aesthetic market has seen a market growth of 8.8% in skin boosters over the past couple of years with the global market expected to reach £1.5 billion by 2027. Easy to use on many clients, they have now become a mainstay of salons or clinics in the UK beauty and cosmetic injectable field.

The range of skin boosting brands available is growing at a rapid rate too. It can seem overwhelming at times when faced with so much choice. One key downfall in the formulation of past skin boosters is that the molecules of water-hungry hyaluronic acid which form the foundation of the products are not cross-linked. Cross-linking is a chemical process that gives the molecules resistance to the body’s ability to degrade them. Most non cross-linked HA molecules will be swept away by the excretory system within 1 month giving their results a limited time span. A quick grab of the water molecules surrounding them then an equally quick release means they only provide a brief hydrating effect requiring additional treatments at frequent intervals to keep the hydration going.

Add to this the limited types of HA molecule used in most brands and the effect can be an expensive ‘quick-fix’ that clients will be reluctant to repeat for such short-lived results.

Let’s look at what type of HA molecule works best when administered:

Hyaluronic Acid is a natural substance (a glycosaminoglycan) found widely throughout connective, epithelial and neural tissues. It acts as a cushion and lubricates. It plays a role in skin health as well as wound healing.

Large molecules (3000 kDa) – cannot penetrate to the dermal layer due to their size, instead their benefit tends to be that they form a ‘sheet’ of hydration at a superficial level preventing trans-epidermal water loss thus sealing water inside the skin.

Medium sized molecules (1500 kDa) – can penetrate a little deeper to lie in the superficial to mid dermal layer where they can grab hold of water molecules and swell to over 1000 times their own molecular weight.

Small molecules (10kDa) – can penetrate deeply into the lower dermis where they can give high levels of hydration there.

Most skin boosters have 1 size of HA molecule (some may have 2) but because they are not cross-linked their ability to hold and store the water for long lasting hydration is extremely limited. It is released very quickly an         d carried away by the body. Prices can vary enormously with the most popular brands costing £100+ for 2mls. This means that practitioners must charge a high price to cover the cost of the product and their other overheads. We must ask ourselves – could there be a more cost-effective alternative?

Research by the skin experts at the MyMed laboratories in Milan, Italy gave rise to a new era of skin booster designed to overcome the negative elements of other brands and give therapists something better to offer their clients. With an economic climate set to challenge all small businesses in the UK over the coming years, there has never been a better time for products that offer improved results for less money, Revitalize Essence is the first in a new generation of cross-linked HA skin boosters, it is a ‘hybrid’ with the benefits of both a skin booster and a dermal filler making it much longer lasting than its competitors.

Essence protocol training is free of charge and practitioners can access seven different ways to use it, the most versatile skin booster around.

A full day of hands-on practical training is also available to help you get the most from Essence. The cost is only £299+vat and is carried out by training experts at Lipology Academy Ltd. – an Ofqual registered training provider