Essential 5: Sustainability

You run a salon to make people feel great, not to get bogged down in manual tasks, accounting, and reporting. Here are five ways Book Salon’s salon management platform can simplify your life so that you can spend more time doing what you love.

Working in a salon is widely considered as one of the happiest jobs in the world, winning votes for job satisfaction, creativity, and getting to use your skills every day. But running your business – including booking appointments, marketing, and accounting – is all time away from doing the work you love to do.

75% of British salons don’t use any digital booking systems, according to a study from 2020, with £1.2 billion being lost every year from missed appointments alone. Salons without a digital salon management platform are more likely to earn less income, waste more time on manual tasks, and have more difficulties with accounting and reporting.

Here are five jobs that you can simplify using Book Salon.


1.     Booking appointments

Any good salon experience begins with a straightforward appointment process. So, did you know that most bookings with a digital tool happen outside of opening hours?

52% of digital appointment bookings happen between 5 PM to 9 AM, according to Book Salon. This means that salons without any digital booking system are likely to lose tens of thousands of pounds a year for appointments that are left empty.

Instead of needing to answer your phone during the evening or when working with a client, your digital booking system is open 24/7 and will automatically schedule appointments for times that work best for you. It’s also one more channel where potential clients can discover your business.

You can also send reminders automatically with the platform to reduce the likelihood of no-show appointments.

People that use Book Salon’s platform spend less than 10 minutes per day on the phone and save over 100 hours of work a year on average.


2. No more hand-written gift cards – doing it digitally increases your overall sales

Gift cards allow salons to solve holiday gift-giving – especially when needed at the last minute! When promoted properly, gift cards make a thoughtful gift and a brilliant source of holiday cash flow.

Book Salon’s clients have said they are selling more gift cards with its platform – even outside of the holiday seasons for things like birthdays and name day celebrations. Its data shows that the biggest peaks for gift card sales are Mother’s Day and Christmas, with the most gift cards sold just four days before Christmas Eve. Father’s Day is also a popular peak for gift card sales.

Instead of hand-written gift cards, digital gift cards can really boost salon profits around the year as they can be marketed and sold directly from your online store and are easy to manage. You can extend the card’s validity or even resend cards electronically if they are lost. In addition, you can easily report the purchase and use of gift cards at checkout.

Besides profits, gift cards also introduce new clients to your salon with the additional cost and effort of acquiring new clients. Gift cards also make recipients spend more on top of their “free money.” Because the gift card covers a portion of the service, customers feel more open to purchasing add-ons while at the salon.


3. No need to spend the nights matching receipts with the right salon worker

With several entrepreneurs renting seats in a salon, matching the correct wages and tips to the right worker can be time-consuming and a proper hassle. However, with a digital tool, splitting the income between salon workers can be done instantly.

Cash tipping has been a longstanding feature in the industry as an acknowledgement of the great work carried out by hair and beauty professionals. However, going digital doesn’t mean no more tips – Book Salon’s digital payments system encourages clients to pay tips, and its automated system means that tips go directly to the right person for that payroll period.

In addition, by utilising digital payments and booking services, you’re able to track metrics such as new clients per month, client retention, frequency of visits, average costs, productivity, and a whole lot more with just a few clicks.


4. Marketing is a hassle, but at least a website is a must

Today more than ever, having a website is vital for your business. A business with no web presence appears unreliable. It also helps to draw in new clients, and for this reason, every beauty and hair salon should make it their top priority to build a website.

Your online presence ensures a constant flow of new customers eager to discover your salon’s services. When they type in “hair salons in London”, you want your website to appear.

A well-functioning website also helps potential clients get to know you before they even step foot in your salon – they can see all of your services, your previous work with other clients, and learn more about your background.

But building a new website doesn’t need to be a difficult task – Book Salon’s platform offers an easy-to-use website builder that can create a stunning website with just a few clicks and personalisation touches. It also allows you to automatically add online appointment booking options, gift cards, promotions, and pre-payment options for your services.


5. Automatic accounting, always accurate

Accounting and reporting are time spent away from doing what you love and making more money.

A salon management platform like Book Salon can help you automate your accounting processes, such as billing, invoicing, managing expenses, and overall bookkeeping, which can save a lot of time and reduce the risk of errors – especially when it comes to tax reporting. This means you can focus on other important aspects of running your business, such as providing high-quality services to customers and managing your employees.

Book Salon can also provide valuable insights into the financial performance of your salon, helping you understand where your money is coming from, where it is going, and how you can optimise your financial operations for maximum profitability.

If you work with an accountant, you can download your Book Salon reports as a .pdf and send them directly to your accountant – or you can give them their own ID to the platform, and they can log in to see your accounting information.