Go bold or go home

Bold and beautiful or subtle and shady, hair colour this summer will either be quietly enhancing or here to make a statement… The experts reveal what’s trending this season.

So, after what felt like a never-ending winter, it’s nice to be able to get our claws stuck in to summer and finally think about a client’s ‘new look’. It’s the perfect time to preview what’s trending in hair colour. Rather than have you scroll endlessly through Insta for inspo, though we spoke to 6 of the industries experts to see what trend is about to be the next ‘big thing’.

Suzie McGill, International Artistic Director at Rainbow Room International, Owner of Rainbow Room International’s Uddingston salon and Schwarzkopf UK Ambassador said that smoky, grungy pink is one hair shade that was popular last summer and remains popular going into summer 2019. 

“There are no boundaries when it comes to this colour trend, it can be matched to everyone and their skin type. This shade is so versatile and flexible for clients, as it’s easy to get in and out of the hair and creates different tones when it fades.”

This hair trend can be made low maintenance for clients and they can opt for a colour update on a weekly basis. If clients don’t want this as an all over colour it also looks great when panelled through the hair. Suzie explained that she likes to create a smoky effect with this shade, having the colour stronger at the roots and faded out towards the ends, which also helps create more colour depth and frame the face. 

Balayage has been serving us looks for a while now, with it being such a versatile style and frequently suiting a range of clients, Suzie also thinks balayage along with brightly coloured tips will be trendy this season. “It’s great for both blondes and brunettes who want to update their hair colour and add a pop of colour! For blondes, adding pastel pinks and purples look great, whereas for brunettes, plum and blue shades work particularly well.”

Suzie predicts we will be taking a step to more pastel tones this summer, she believes we will be leaving the silver/grey hair colour trend to fade out. This shade was so popular amongst a vast majority of clients for so long but now Suzie explains: “We are noticing a lot more clients opting for soft blondes and biscuit blonde shades that look more-summery and brighten their complexion.” 

We are very much aware that accessories are super on trend this season and look great with all hair colours. From large statement pieces to delicate clips and ribbons. These pieces are ideal to give extra charisma to client’s locks no matter what the occasion or hairstyle.  Suzie explained: “Ribbons have been spotted on many of the runways recently and these romantic accents add softness and femininity to any hairstyle and are the perfect way to take a ponytail to a super stylish level. Think soft, chunky fabric bows and loose ribbons to make the hair look ultra-flirty.  Headbands and wraps are also super on trend this season.” These accessories add some urban cool to any look. 

We saw a similarity with colour predictions when we spoke to Chris Williams, International Colour Director for RUSH Hair. He also forecasts lighter and brighter shades of blonde such as ice, toasted coconut and champagne.

“The shades are lighter than most, providing the client with a bold transformation but commercial colour. For brunettes we will see clients opt for caramel cool, bronze baby lights and cool cacao. The shades are perfect for those looking for a sun kissed inspired colour.”

“The bright and beautiful colours will not be as popular for Summer 2019. Although still hugely popular, the bolder colours will be muted down to more pastel tones such as marshmallow pink, soft lilac and muted mauve.”

Something to remember as colourists is the importance of matching a client’s skin tone to certain colours. Colour works in partnership with the client’s complexion; therefore, it is essential you match up a colour that will enhance their completion as well as their overall look. 

Chris told us that the first step is establishing firstly, whether the client has a warm or cool skin tone. From here you can then establish what colours and shades work well with their skin tone.

Hair colours suitable for those with cool skin tones:

Blondes – Ash blonde, ice blonde and platinum.

Brunette – All shades tend to suit, however stay away from shades with red tints throughout.

Hair colours suitable for those with warm skin tones:

Blondes – Golden, honey and strawberry.

Brunettes – Rich chocolatey brunette shades are a must!

Indola Global Ambassador and Rainbow Room representative, Paddy McDougall sees that there is usually a progression towards lighter tones as we get stuck into the summer season. “I think this is a great way of managing your client’s colour; introduce darker, richer more autumnal tones as winter approaches while in spring give their colour a lighter, beachier feel. It’s a great way to cultivate loyalty among your clientele by ensuring they feel you are on a progressive journey together. For me in the salon, it’s always important to push change. This season’s palette lends itself perfectly to this aim; there is such a variety in on trend shades; bleach and pastels; bolder shades and balayage are going nowhere.”

We asked Paddy why he thinks these shades are specifically making an appearance, to which he told us that it comes down to a combination of factors – “Fashion at the highest level still plays a massive part in the colours we wear both in terms of clothes and on our hair. It’s also down to people like me and the rest of the Indola team; we spend hours pondering over trend reports and studying the runway and the street to identify wider movements which we then translate into our Street Style Collection, of which we release an updated version of every single season.”

Colour inspiration surrounds us, it is everywhere, but Paddy specifically studies the street, the runway and social media constantly seeking out inspiration. Paddy’s best tip for colourists is ‘Be yourself. Do you.’

“This is what it’s all about for me, build your own aesthetic, develop your own taste and colour in a way that reflects you. Every time you do a client you create a representation of your work, one that can walk and talk and will be seen many times. Always remember this, and make sure your work says what you want it to say. Never hide behind ‘that’s what they wanted’, people don’t seek an expert opinion to get what they want, they do it to so they can get what they need.”

In our opinion, hair colour is a way of expressing your personality. Whether it be a fierce red or a sweet blonde tone – it has the ability to speak to people.

Ruby Byrne, Head of Technical Training and Creative Director for Natulique UK explained that the summer months see a lot brighter, platinum blondes as clients often become more adventurous with colour, including pastel and more intense tones.

Typically, we would pair a lighter shade with the summery weather as hair does become naturally lightened in the sunlight. Ruby had a similar thought process as she explained that deep red tones are more likely to take a back seat throughout the summer months. “But this doesn’t mean reds can’t happen in summer. Tones like coppers are great at this time, but I think the darker reds are much more associated with colder times – like Christmas and winter months.”

Summer is also the perfect time for clients to get creative with hair accessories, it is a great way to finish off a fresh new colour. Ruby said: “With blondes, plaits and hair accessories look amazing! The tones of blonde against other colours in the hair make a plait look more interesting and enables them to really pop. Large hair clips and coloured curvy grips are great accessories for all hair, and personally having brunette hair myself, and patterned bandana or head wrap is an essential piece for a summer beach wardrobe.”

John Greig, Head of Education for Insight Professional UK predicts that this summer will see lots more blonde balayage, subtle metallic sheens and the polar opposite – copper. “Orange copper is the biggest trend this year, warm hues to accentuate skin tone and make cool coloured eyes pop.

It is important to match your perfect colour from your skin tone, eye colour and wardrobe.”

As a forward-thinking educator for the UK, John explained he is incredibly happy to see pastel colours making another appearance this year. “Bright neon colours are still massive but it’s the upkeep that clients struggle with. Summer is all about expression, make your own rules and if a client is feeling super enthusiastic why not add some clip in extensions so that they can wear a different colour every day!”

There’s no time like the present this summer to step out with a brand-new look. Why not encourage your clients to take the plunge and go for a refreshing new hair colour. Jo O’Neill, International Technical Education Director for TONI&GUY has more predications on what not to miss this summer when a client is stuck for inspiration.

“I predict it will be the warmer shades that will be the most popular this year. Not only do they come with lower commitment but also require less bleach so won’t be as harmful to the hair. Pantone colours are also huge trend at the moment so we can expect to see lots of lilacs and shades of rose and peppermint.”

Pantone colours have been on trend for a while now and show no sign of slowing down. When the warm weather hits – clients are often more inclined to want to lighten their hair, when the sun is out. 

As we’ve already established, it is key to ensure that whatever hair colour your client goes for, it must match their skin tone. As an expert, Jo said: “Warm or golden colours look flattering on light skin, whereas if it’s your skin which is warm or golden it is best to opt for hues that are cool – think honey or strawberry blondes. If you are brunette, cool beige and rich browns are the shades for you.”

TONI&GUY keep on top of trends by looking to celebrity culture and what is popular in the media before putting their spin on a shade or technique. As hair specialists, it is vital to keep up with what shades or looks are in this season. Look no further than this feature, bringing you a range of predictions from some of the biggest names in the industry.

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