Happy Birthday HIVE®!

Celebrating 30 years thriving in the industry, we look back at the success of HIVE® of Beauty and why quality beauty products never go out of fashion.

There is a 90’s revival fully underway, styles you thought would never see the light of day again are gracing the catwalk. Whilst there has been changes throughout the decades that followed, there has been one constant in the beauty world, HIVE® of Beauty, because quality never goes out of fashion!

A true originator of the 90’s, the HIVE® brand was launched in 1993. The introduction of HIVE®’s first product, “the Beehive” styled wax heater not only led to the brand name but raised the bar for waxing in general. This quickly built the reputation for excellence that HIVE® enjoys to this day, making the development of specially formulated “honey” waxes and eventually the development of a full range of depilatory products the inevitable next step. Having a full waxing solution of such quality meant HIVE® of Beauty was firmly established as the industry’s leading authority on depilatory waxing.

30 years later HIVE® of Beauty has a worldwide customer base and offers everything required by the modern waxing professional, whether a mobile therapist, small salon, or high-end waxing technician.

The renowned high quality of HIVE® heaters remains the same but the selection has evolved to meet the needs of beauty professionals, with various sized models having been developed, as well as introducing digital technology to complement their range. A superb collection of waxes including warm, crème and hot depilatory waxes, and paraffin wax formulations, ensures every treatment you can think of is catered for. All with the additional comfort of knowing they are formulated with the purest ingredients to deliver optimum efficiency and gentle application.

To this day, HIVE® of Beauty continues to grow and evolve.

Recent years have seen the extensive beauty knowledge and expertise gained put to good use, developing high performing lash tints, a hugely popular dual lash lift system, and an advanced skincare product range via sub-brands HIVE® Solutions and HIVE® Lash.

Recently two other beloved and historic British brands have been welcomed into the house of HIVE®.


Established in London, 1977, a condense collection of expertly crafted waxes proudly display the ORITREE® brand name and continue this distinguished professional waxing legacy.


Since 1910 the PASHANA® name has graced fine hair lotions, tonics and colognes formulated for gentlemen of character and distinction. Featuring pure essential oils and fragrant perfumes, this range has long been the choice of professional barbers.

Always priding themselves on being able to supply the professional beauty market with competitively priced, high-quality products across an increasing number of disciplines, it looks like HIVE® will continue to help professionals ‘wax with confidence’ and much more for another 30 years!