Have a brows…

Over the last few years eyebrow Henna has become an indispensable part of brow bars and beauty salons and now hairdressers are becomingly increasingly aware of the great advantages of brow Henna, which are plentiful. Allow us to introduce leaders in all things brows… Mrs.Highbrow.

Eyebrow Henna is the product used for coloring eyebrows and turning them into real power brows. Brow Henna not only colours the hair but also the skin, giving a tattoo effect for up to 14 days. The process makes eyebrows look much tighter, eliminating the need for makeup. With Brow Henna, customers can enjoy their beautiful eyebrows for much longer time. In addition, it is a great solution for clients who find permanent make-up a step too far. It offers those beautiful power brows, without being tied to something for a long period of time.

Dyotics Eyebrow Henna originated in the salon of Mrs.Highbrow. The first eyebrow salon in the Netherlands, opened in 2014 in Amsterdam by Ska van Buren.

The salon was furnished with the look and feel of a vintage barber shop, with real retro barber chairs, which immediately gained national fame through various newspapers and television programs: “I was actually already working on the product for a while before the launch,” says Ska. “When I still had a salon at home. I noticed that women wanted to enjoy their dyed eyebrows longer. After you have dyed eyebrows, you always have that imprint on the skin, but it is gone with normal paint after one shower. Soon I thought of real Henna, and so I began investigating. I visited a shop specialising in traditional Henna, but there I learned that pure Henna has to soak for hours, to eventually leave a reddish-brown print on the skin. Of course that’s not what you want. I continued my search for more processed Henna especially for eyebrows and soon ended up in Brazil, where it had been quite popular for years. It was difficult to communicate if you don’t speak Portuguese, so importing this Henna turned out to be a difficult task. After a lot of testing, I finally found an Indian producer who could start producing for us. After a lot of testing, Dyotics was born a few months later.”

Mrs.Highbrow’s Brow Henna really originated in practice. Ska said: “Because I constantly had the colours and texture tested by my eyebrow specialists I learned what they most liked working with. Above all it caught on with customers.” With all the positive feedback they gained, Mrs.Highbrow was able to develop the best possible product for professional use in a range of colours.

The Henna was an instant success among brow and beauty salons. Not only in the Netherlands, but worldwide, up to Canada and Australia. We pride ourselves on providing specialists not only with the best products but also with great knowledge. Mrs.Highbrow offers online training courses on Henna Brows, and everything else you need to know as a brow stylist. After all, Mrs.Highbrow does not only offer Brow Henna, but a complete range for eyebrow specialists, such as wax, lash lift and brow lamination products.

All Mrs.Highbrow products can be found here: www.mrshighbrow.com and there are several English online shops that sell Dyotics Brow Henna and the products of Mrs.Highbrow.