Illuminate Your Daily Ritual: Eminence Organic Skin Care Launches New Kombucha Microbiome Collection

Award-winning skin care company, Eminence Organic Skin Care, invites users to illuminate their daily ritual with the launch of their brand new Kombucha Microbiome Collection. Formulated with kombucha, white tea, ginger, and jasmine, this collection comforts the skin and supports the natural balance of the skin’s microbiome, a thriving and lively array of microorganisms on the skin’s surface. A healthy skin microbiome results in a well-functioning skin barrier – retaining moisture, protecting against stressors and aiding skin renewal.

Environmental stressors can disturb our skin’s microbiome, affecting the skin’s moisture barrier and leading to dry, dull, and reactive skin. The Kombucha Microbiome Collection features microbiome-friendly ingredients, unique textures, and soft scents that visibly soothe and restore the skin’s moisture barrier with pre, pro* and postbiotics to reveal an even and healthy-looking complexion. Prebiotics are fuel for the good bacteria on the skin’s surface, providing energy for probiotics that support the skin’s moisture barrier function. Postbiotics are metabolites that visibly refresh and renew the skin for a smooth, even glow.

Refresh and purify skin with the Kombucha Microbiome Foaming Cleanser (£43). The lightweight liquid-to-foam cleanser is crafted with targeted micellar technology to gently remove impurities without over-stripping the skin. Kombucha, ginger, white tea and jasmine work in unison to refresh and balance the skin without compromising the moisture barrier.

Gently prime your skin and restore its natural balance with the nourishing Kombucha Microbiome Balancing Essence (£49). A blend of pre, pro* and postbiotics work harmoniously to enhance luminosity while key ingredients like white tea and jasmine flower soothe dry, dull skin for a healthy-looking glow.

Kombucha, white tea, ginger and jasmine unite with microbiome-friendly pre, pro* and postbiotics for an illuminated, renewed look with the lightweight Kombucha Microbiome Luminosity Serum (£104). The silky-smooth gel serum can be used daily to even tone and boost the skin’s luminosity.

Add a luxurious step to your skin care ritual with the Kombucha Microbiome Leave-On Masque (£66). The no-rinse formula visibly renews your skin while strengthening your moisture barrier with ginger and pre, pro* and postbiotics. This rich, slow-absorbing masque provides soothing hydration and comfort to dry, dull skin.

This four-step collection is the key to a luminous glow helping to balance skin, strengthen its moisture barrier, and help maintain a healthy microbiome through organic technology and soothing botanicals. Available now on

*products do not contain live probiotic cultures.

About Eminence Organic Skin Care:

Eminence Organic Skin Care provides natural, organic, and Biodynamic® skin care to leading spas in over 60 countries. Blending herbal craftsmanship, Hungarian skin rejuvenation techniques and hand-picked ingredients, the company crafts award-winning products both good for the earth and the skin. As a proud Certified B Corporation®, Eminence Organics continues to meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance,

accountability and transparency for employees, customers, and the community. Through the Forests for the Future™ initiative, Eminence Organics plants a tree for every retail product sold and has planted over 20 million trees to date.

Media Contact: Elizabeth Rodger

Debbie Polden

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