INDOLA launches NEW Blonde Expert Care range; the high performing care you need for all blondes

Optimise your blonde service with INDOLA’s NEW and improved Blonde Expert Care range. With blondes making up more than half of colour services in the salon -60% in fact – there’s never been a better time to unleash your inner Blonde Expert with INDOLA. With NEW Integrated Hair-Bond Technology, you can ensure brilliant blonde looks with outstanding hair quality and high shine.

INDOLA already provides unrivalled performance in their recently re-formulated colour range Blonde Expert and with the collection now extended to include care, INDOLA’s Blonde Expert meets every demand, enabling all hairdressers to offer unrivalled blonde expertise.


NEW Hair-Bond Technology

The NEW Hair-Bond Technology now integrated in all formulas helps to create new bonds deep inside the hair fibre, ensuring a strong and healthy looking blonde! The innovative formula features a triple charged ion which builds new bonds by creating a 3-dimensional network inside the hair fibre. These artificially created bonds create a stronger, more resilient hair structure and a healthy-looking appearance.

Clients are now able to maintain and refresh tones perfectly, as well as strengthen their hair from within and eradicate any unwanted brassy and golden tones – perfect for at-home blonde care maintenance! The new Blonde Expert Care range is sulphate and silicone free and comes in two ranges, Insta Strong and Insta Cool.


Two ranges for different needs

InstaStrong – Strengthening and shine-enhancing

  • Cleansing Shampoo
  • Instant Care Spray Conditioner
  • Intense Care Treatment

The InstaStrong range is suitable for all blonde hair types and is perfect for preparing the hair before any blonde service and treating it afterwards.


InstaCool – Strengthening and neutralising

  • Pigmented Shampoo
  • Pigmented Spray Conditioner
  • Pigmented Conditioner


The InstaCool range is suitable for all cool blonde shades and is perfect for maintaining cool shades created in the salon.

The range helps to avoid unwanted warm undertones and corrects warm yellow/orange hues immediately.

The full range is perfect to retail out to clients and maintains all blonde hair types in between services at home.

INDOLA Global Ambassador Paddy McDougall explains why the new Blonde Expert care meets every blonde client demand: “Blonde Expert already offers the perfect performance, range and versatility to cover all your blonde needs, now with Blonde Expert Care we can ensure a client’s blonde is protected and maintained at home. What makes Blonde Expert Care special is the integrated Hair-Bond Technology which creates a protective layer around the natural bonds, helping ensure the integrity of the fabric of the hair is maintained throughout the whole process, from in salon to care at home. Blondes never looked better.”

Blonde Expert Care from INDOLA is the Smarter Choice to make every hairdresser a blonde expert.

New INDOLA Blonde Expert Care is available in various wholesalers from April 2021. RRP from £5.60/€6.71 inc VAT. For more information on Indola visit