Introducing Karin Herzog

Who Are We? 

Karin Herzog Oxygen Skincare is a Swiss retail and professional brand, founded in 1975 by Dr. Paul Herzog, a Nobel honoree. He created a patented formula for stabilizing active oxygen in a cream. He worked with his wife Karin, an accomplished esthetician, to create a range of clinically proven creams, which use the key ingredient of active oxygen to treat various issues, including the pre to post surgery healing process, fighting the signs of ageing, curing acne & blemishes, and treating other skin concerns such as rosacea and hyperpigmentation.


Why Oxygen? 

Oxygen naturally occurs in our skin. Like every other cell in our bodies, our skin cells need oxygen to function properly and to produce substances that build healthy skin cells, such as collagen. Active oxygen is the most effective ingredient on the market today for skincare, with its ability to deeply cleanse, fight bacteria, re-regulate cells and hydrate the skin exactly where needed. To date, no other skincare brand can claim an equal level of active oxygen expertise, neither in research, nor in cosmetic application. This patented skincare line is hypoallergenic, suitable for all types of skin and contains no chemical solvents or preservatives. The effects of direct oxygen contact to the skin are noticeable from the very first application, which distinguishes its benefits from all other active ingredients.


What can we offer?

With over 50 retail products, 30 professional products and 11 signature treatments we can offer you something for all client skin types and needs and by adding active oxygen to your existing skincare treatments you will elevate your results leaving your clients wanting more.