Is your salon legend?

Transforming clients into brand advocates is the dream for every salon owner, and Vish is making it happen for thousands of salons. Think of top luxury hotels and it’s the wow-factor you remember that sets them apart from the mundane and ordinary. They’ve gone beyond excellence, streamlining services so they become legendary, ensuring guests plan their return before they leave and tell all their friends about it. Using Vish helps create the same unforgettable experience: 

Legendary wows

The luxury hotelier Ritz-Carlton aims for ‘legendary wows’ for every guest, going beyond expectation. It does this by streamlining the experience. You can, too. In a salon, enabling the stylist to review formulas for every visit quickly and easily is the first step, and limits delays while they fumble around trying to find previous formulas. With Vish, all product mixed for the client is there on record so immediately the stylist can talk knowledgeably and specifically about their hair rather than have to rely on vague memories. 

Consistency is key

Ensuring the same flawless service every visit reinforces that positive impression. All formulas are updated automatically in Vish, so consistency is assured for every visit while the stylist is free to change it up without any drama to ensure the client’s look stays fresh. Even mid-service care is heightened, with the formula and ratios of any necessary additional bowls matched perfectly thanks to the easy-to-use Vish teardrop guide. 

Charge with confidence

Clients love when they pay only for colour used on their hair, rather than paying the same as someone with much more hair. Knowing what the basic charge will be is reassuring, especially when they know that’s what it will be every visit until the next price rise. It’s all possible with Vish, with set thresholds that trigger additional charges for more colour or treatments and toner. No more missed services, and it takes the onus away from the stylist to remember and report any extras, making it easy to charge fairly for services. 

Always available

Recreating a favourite look can be tricky if a particular brand or colour is out of stock, and can affect the client experience. It’s no accident that the Ritz-Carlton has an extensive range of refreshments – it knows what its clients want and will always deliver. Vish salons also always deliver. Every gram of colour or product dispensed is recorded and updated by Vish so, even if there are half tubes littering the colour bar, it’s simple to see what needs reordering. Replenishing the colour bar is as simple as making a few clicks.  

Absence doesn’t make the heart fonder

Disappointment doesn’t breed positivity and while most clients are sympathetic when a stylist is absent, they still want their hair done. Being able to slot them in with another stylist who has access to a full client history and all up-to-date formulas, with exact quantities needed so there’s no costly waste, will mean the world to the client. She won’t desert her favourite stylists just because she was ill, but she will remember the legendary service your salon delivered at that dark hour. 

Partner with Vish and you can transform any client into a brand advocate, see them return time and time again bringing their friends with them.